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Program 411

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

DEAD CAN DANCE .... Australia /Ireland
As The Bell Rings, The Maypole Spins 5'12
(Aion) [4AD]

Michael LIVETT & Anne NORMAN .... Australia
(a) Beside The Stream 5'15
(b) Sleeper Awakes 6'30
(Driftwood) [AMN Productions]
A fine new Melbourne release - delicate and improvisatory music using shakuhachi, didjeridu, guitar, dan tranh, kalimba, ocarina, bells and dumbek.

Raïs NAJIB ENSEMBLE ....Morocco
Medley (a) Leave it between me and God 7'05
(b) You left without talking to me
(c) Shame on them, they twisted it around on me
(Morocco: Crossroads of Time) [Ellipsis Arts]

Salim ALÁN & about 20 pearl divers .... Bahrain
Haddadi 4'12
(Human Voice / Lutes in the World of Islam) [Topic]

Gabriel YACOUB .... France
Tourne, tourne 4'43
(Quatre) [Boucherie]

Ducks Will 3'05
(Hoy Babo Hoy) [SilenZ]
An early 90's Turkish rock outfit that includes Michel BANABILA.

BANABILA / SAKA ....Holland
(a) Dark 3'47
(b) Marketplace 4'19
(Nightmirror) [independent]

Jon HASSELL & FARAFINA ....USA / Burkina Faso
Masque 11'00
(Flash of the Spirit) [Capitol / Intuition]

KRONOS QUARTET / Foday Musa SUSO .... USA / Gambia
Tilliboyo - Sunset 4'20
(Pieces of Africa) [Elektra Nonesuch]

Seleshe DAMESSAE ....Ethiopia
Anche-Lej 6'46
(Tesfaye: A Future Hope) [Music of the World]

Mahmoud AHMED ....Ethiopia
Ohoho Gedama 4'37
(Ere Mela Mela) [Hannibal]

Cheikh LÔ ....Senegal
Boul di Tagale 6'07
(Né la Thiass) [World Circuit]