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Program 408

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Compound 3'14
(The Apocalypse Now Sessions) [Rykodisc]

Chalf HASSAN ....Morocco
Zayani El Rifi 8'30
(Bellydance From Morocco) [ARC Music]
A recent ARC release, and a refreshing angle on Arabic rhythms. HASSAN plays oud, tar, bendir and sings. Ahmed ENNAISSE takes an integral part on viola and bendir, as does Mohammed CHALF.

Rachid TAHA
Nokta 5'08
(World Music Sampler) [Island]

DEN FULE .... Sweden
Skägget 3'40
(Strictly Worldwide x 4) [Piranha]
Hirsuit gentlemen take note - this is a song about losing your beard, and losing your identity in the process.

Kruspolska 3'16
(Kaksi !) [Xource]
Folk music with grit.

Laridé 6'14
(Ancient Beatbox) [Cooking Vinyl]
Paul JAMES and Nigel EATON, making medieval meet mechanical.

Gabriel YACOUB ....France
(a) Le sel et le sucre 4'23
(b) Ces dieux-là 4'45
(c) Les bannières qui claquent 4'22
(Quatre) [Boucherie]
This is one of the best "rock" albums to come my way in years. Yacoub's voice is pure, his diction superb, and he excels at songcraft. Apart from the normal instrumentation of 90's rock music, you will hear bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, bassoons and many more colourful textures. Fabulous!

Michael LIVETT & Anne NORMAN .... Australia
(a) Driftwood Spear 3'28
(b) Distant Horizon 8'58
(Driftwood) [AMN Productions]
A fine new Melbourne release - delicate and improvisatory music using shakuhachi, didjeridu, guitar, dan tranh, kalimba, ocarina, bells and dumbek.

Forrest FANG .... USA
(a) The Dragon King's Advice 4'26
(b) Falling Stones 4'26
(Folklore) [Cuneiform]

Janette GERI .... Australia
(a) Over The Mountain Pt.1 2'18
(b) He Moves Through The Fair 4'23
(c) Over The Mountain Pt.2 2'10
(Describing The Sky) [independent]

Kudsi ERGUNER, Mahmoud Tabrizi ZADEH, Bruno CAILLAT
Arzu 6'00
(Oriental Dreams - Iran & Turkey) [Playasound]