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Program 407

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

King Sunny ADÉ .... Nigeria
Ilako - Synchro Feelings 5'37
(Synchro System) [Mango]

FELA KUTI .... Nigeria
Sorrow Tears & Blood 10'12
(Original Sufferhead) [Shanachie]

FEMI KUTI ....Nigeria
Frustrations 9'05
(Femi Kuti) [Tabu]
I thought it might be interesting to put the work of father and son back-to-back. Note that father leans toward the political and social sledge-hammer commentary, and Femi (with less bludgeoning) more towards the quality of musicianship and production.

PNG Cultural Group ....Papua New Guinea / Australia
Teina Weku / Samba 2'32
(Kulluka: Where our Roots Lie) [Sandstock]
A compilation from a Melbourne organisation that has been supporting Australian performances of non-western music for years. Everything from South African marabi to Japanese koto and Aboriginal artists. Highly recommended.

Descendants of Hotu METUA .... Easter Island
Hoko War Chant 3'02
(Spirit of Polynesia) [Saydisc]
An atmospheric journey into a sea cave with shells, chanting and pounding waves.

The Ocean Doesn't Want Me Today 1'49
(Bone Machine) [Island]
I love this mans innovative approach to instrumentation, characterisations and use of acoustic space.

Carlos LOMAS, Pepe de MALAGA, Manolo CORREA etc. .... Spain
Sevillanas 3'02
(Andalusian Flamenco Song & Dance) [Lyrichord]
The first of three pieces that use make fundamental use of rhythmic handclapping.

Nusrat Fateh Ali KHAN & Party .... Pakistan
Mustt Mustt 10'40
No predictable sequenced drum samples here...
Even though the great man was not in the best of health for this concert, this is a fantastic performance from the group. I was melting in the audience at the time.

Maleem Mahmoud GHANIA & Pharoah SANDERS .... Morocco / USA
Mousa Berkiyo / Koubaliy Beriah La'Foh 4'24
(The Trance of Seven Colours) [Axiom]
Mr. Sanders plays some very wild stuff on this album, and I sometimes feel that he should have spent more effort listening to and responding directly to Ghania's ensemble. To me, this is the only recipe for making a fusion of this kind work 100 percent.

Simon SHAHEEN .... Middle East / USA
Bortuqal 4'58
(The Music of Mohammed Abdel Wahab) [Axiom]

SIROCCO ....Australia
River of Jewels 5'31
(Stars & Fires) [ABC Music]

DEAD CAN DANCE .... Australia / Ireland
Bird 4'53
(A Passage in Time) [4AD]
One of Lisa Gerrard's gems recorded specially for this compilation.

Etti ANKRI .... Israel
Longing 5'49
(I Can See In Your Eyes) [CBS / NMC Music]

WES (Madiko) .... Cameroon / USA
Wezale 3'56
(Welenga) [Epic]
This is an unusual album of African influence on techno-textures.

Daniel LANOIS .... Canada
Lotta Love to Give 3'35
(For The Beauty of Wynona) [Warner]