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Program 405

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

TUU ....UK
Body of Light 6'00
(One Thousand Years) [SDV]

Rüdiger OPPERMAN, Malamini JOBARTEH etc ....Germany / Gambia
Gambia, India, Germany 10'45
(Same Sun, Same Moon) [Shamrock]

Ginger BAKER
Brain Damage 4'41
(African Force) [ITM]

Najat AATABOU ....Morocco
Baghi Narjah 7'20
(The Voice of the Atlas) [Globe Style]

(a) Jah WOBBLE's INVADERS of the HEART ....UK
Sahara 9'09
(b) Justin VALI TRIO ....Madagascar
Baobab 8'17
(WOMADelaide 95) [ABC Music]

Salif KEITA ....Mali / Paris
Sumun 6'56
(Folon... The Past) [Mango]
Returning for WOMADelaide 97.

Valanga KHOZA ....South Africa / Australia
Warila 2'56
(Sebe) [Larrikin]

Kwela 3'35
(Zebra Crossing) [BMG]

XYLOSAX ....Australia
(a) Rano 4'51
(b) Ah ti moukanes Eleni 4'18
(On The Spot) [independent]
A rather different new project led by the irrepressible Linsey POLLAK who is well known for his work in the multicultural ensemble SLIVANJE. As the silly name of the group implies, xylophones (well, the humarimba to be utterly correct) and saxophones are a feature. The HUMARIMBA is a large xylophone slung between two people, often played by three. After the first few tracks I was worried the disk would be too monothematic, but thankfully there are many other interesting musical flavours and diversions to come; zurna, bagpipe (glove gaida), watering-can clarinet, djembe, zills, tapan and (believe it or not) wheelie bin. These instruments help a predilection for West African rhythms and deep European influence. The other members of XYLOSAX are Ali ADAMS, Jessica AINSWORTH & Mik MOORE.

XYLOURIS ENSEMBLE ....Crete / Australia
Charilaos 3'19
(Daphne) [independent]
Another new release, and George Xylouris will be my guest next week.

TENORES di BITTI .... Sardinia / Italy
Sa Lilla Sa Voila Su Ziranu 3'30
(Strictly WorldWide X 5) [Piranha]
You will see this amazing vocal group if you go to WOMADelaide 97.

Omar Faruk TEKBILEK .... USA (Iran / Turkey)
Fly Away
(Whirling) [Celestial Harmonies]