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#398 - inc. interview with Anne Harkin

Program 398

This program featured an extensive interview with Melbourne percussionist Anne Harkin. She specialises in Arabic styles, and increasingly the rhythms of West Africa. Not only did she demonstrate some of the instruments and rhythms, but we talked about her musical activites, the "Bellydance" phenomenon in Australia, and her desire to accompany "ethno-techno"!


ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Hanil Widd 7'21
(The Music of Mohammed Abdel Wahab) [Axiom]

Hassan El ASMAR .... Egypt
Kitab Hayarti

Ghassan BARAKET ....Australia
Middle East Drum Solo 5'00
(THUMP! A collection of percussion groups) [Lunadisc]
This is the guy who taught Anne Harkin the finer points of playing the darbuka.

Rafat MISSO & Hossam RAMZY .... Egypt / UK
Sallam Allay
(Ahlamy) [ARC Music]

Natacha ATLAS ....UK
Yalla chant 6'00
(Diaspora) [Nation / Beggars Banquet]

KHALED ....Algeria / Paris
Mauvais Sang 6'11

TA'ESH FA'ESH .... Australia
Tammer Henna
(Clap Your Hands, Play Your Zills) [independent cassette]
Anne Harkin plays djembe, darbuka, req & zills
Anita Larkin plays darbuka, req & zills
Phil Carroll plays winds, reed & accordian.

The Pearl Divers of Bahrain
Ya hamlé, fjiri 4'30
(A Musical Anthology of the Arabian Peninsula) [VDE]

Hamza El DIN .... Sudan / USA
Ollin Arageed 8'23
(Eclipse) [Ryko]