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Program 395

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

REBETIKI COMPANIA .... Greece / Australia
To Baglamathaki Papse - Stop Playing The Baglama 3'34
(Kulluka: Where Our Roots Lie) [Sandstock]
A very new compilation from a Melbourne organisation that has been supporting Australian performances of non-western music for years. Everything from South African marabi to Japanese koto and vocal/percussion music from Papua New guinea. Highly recommended.

BONGA ....Angola
N'Guzu 6'18
(Angola) [Playasound]

Maria BETHANIA & Gal COSTA ....Brazil
Sonho Meu - Dream of Mine 2'49
(Brazil Classics Vol.1) [Fly / Sire]
Just one of many David Byrne compilations.

Cesaria EVORA ....Cabo Verde
Tudo dia e dia - Everyday is a new day 3'54
(Cesaria Evora) [Nonesuch]

GAITEIROS de LISBOA ....Portugal
(a) Lenga Lenga 3'16
(b) Ai Por Cima 3'53
(Farol Sampler) [Farol]
Bagpipes, percussion and a chorus of voices. Fabulous!

Mário LAGINHA ....Portugal
Despedida 10'11
(Farol Sampler) [Farol]
Eclectic jazz style from this pianist.

O QUE SOM TEM ....Portugal
Musti 3'50
(Farol Sampler) [Farol]
A percussion ensemble.

Janita SALOMÉ ....Portugal
Peoma Oferecido a Meus Amigos 4'35
(Farol Sampler) [Farol]
A voice from the south with a good strong popular-style, and a hint of influence from the north of Africa.

Nusrat Fateh Ali KHAN & Michael BROOK ....Pakistan / Canada
Sweet Pain 6'18
(Night Song) [Real World]

Trilok GURTU
Deep Tri 7'02
(Usfret) [CMP]
with Trilok's mother Shobha Gurtu, Shankar and Jonas Hellborg.

Paolo MODUGNO ....Italy
Morte di Sundiata Keita 5'00
(Le Bala et la Mouche) [Newtone / Robi Droli]

Baaba MAAL ....Senegal
(a) Gal Gui 7'23
(b) Miskinébé 6'06
Available only on cassette, a fairly recent album apparently rejected for international release. For me, a very welcome return to a more traditional style, and I believe that it rivals "Djam Leeli" as one of his better offerings.

Ali Farka TOURE ....Mali
Yer Mali Gakoyoyo 4'46
(Radio Mali) [World Circuit]