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#394 - David Fanshawe's Pacific recordings & his latest collaboration + Music from Bali and multi-instrumentalist Mark Isham

Program 394

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Ferdinand MAISEL .... USA
Transom Entries #2 3'58
(Far End Din) [Alternity]
See Program #390 for more information.

Paul SCHÜTZE ....Australia / UK
The Torture Garden 6'06
(The Annihilating Angel) [Extreme]

Sacred initiation music to please the spirits 4'04
(Exotic Voices & Rhythms of the South Seas) [ARC Music]
Recorded by David Fanshawe.

SADIA, Steve TAYLER, Unnammed artists recorded by FANSHAWE ....UK / Tropics
Ma Deva - Spirit in the Trees 7'27
(Equa) [Mercury]
EQUA is a new album produced by a woman based in London called Sadia - Canadian-born of Asian/German background (what a mixture!), with Steve Tayler. The basis of the disc is over 100 hours of field recordings made by David Fanshawe from tropical regions around the globe. The recordings were all sorted, processed and catalogued into a database for cross-referencing, and became the basis for these "ethno-techno" compositions by the producers. I've seen some of the accompanying publicity that laboriously lists the instruments and cultural sources, but alas, very few of the musicians. I believe that Fanshawe obtained contract releases from some of them (obviously the big names like Hukwe & Charles Zawose) but because the majority of sources are completely uncredited, I can only regard this as yet another example of unreserved large-scale cultural borrowing. No matter how well-crafted the end result, or how well-intentioned the exploration into musical parallels across cultures, my skepticism always increases when the process is sold to us as being more interesting than the product. I must give credit to the attention to detail in the production, and to the fact that some of these disparate musics concur in ways I never expected. I often found my mind wandering though, wishing I was hearing the original unadulterated performances.

Percussion ensemble from Sankar Agung .... Indonesia / Bali
Jayan Tangis 6'24
(Jegog: Dynamic Sound of the Earth) [JVC Japan]
Gigantic bamboo gamelan music.

Recording by David Lewiston .... Bali
Ketjak - The Ramayana Monkey Chant (excerpt) 6'00
(Music from the Morning of the World) [Elektra Nonesuch Explorer]
Despite the microphone rattles, this recording made in 1966 is probably among the best, with all the voices being very well balanced.

Mark ISHAM .... USA
(a) 4. Badal 4'37
(b) 7. Nanawatai 6'13
(The Beast - Soundtrack) [A+M]

Mark ISHAM & Art LANDE .... USA / Norway
Surface and Symbol 10'37
(We Begin) [ECM]

Unknown .... Fiji
Vakamalolo Yaroi 4'18
(Exotic Voices & Rhythms of the South Seas) [ARC Music]
Recorded by David Fanshawe.

Ponam Garamut Drummers & NOT DROWNING, WAVING .... PNG / Australia
Azehe 2'00
(Tabaran) [WEA]

Musicians from Roto village, Pukapuka .... Cook Islands
Akatikatika Drum Dance 2'46
(Spirit of Polynesia) [Saydisc]
Unbelievably fast and skilled drumming.

Mark ISHAM .... USA
A Meeting with the Parabolist 12'40
(Castalia) [Virgin]

NOTE: There was no program on Sept 15 due to an unforeseen power outage.