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Program 393

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Jalal zur FONUN .... Iran
Setar Solo in dastgah af-Shari 4'16
(Music in the World of Islam - Human voice / Lutes) [Topic]

DEAD CAN DANCE ....Australia / Ireland
Indus 9'20
(Spirit Chaser) [4AD]
In the liner notes DEAD CAN DANCE acknowledge a reference to the next song, with thanks to George Harrison - a piece of pop history from nearly 30 years ago.
Within You, Without You 5'00
(Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band) [EMI]

Dr. L. SUBRAMANIUM ....India
Raga Kirvani - alapana 18'50
(The Violin of Southern India) [Ocora]
For trivia lovers, his doctorate is indeed in medicine.

Briane KEANE & Omar Faruk TEKBILEK ....USA
Imaginary Traveller 6'05
(Beyond The Sky) [Celestial Harmonies]

VARIOUS ARTISTS feat. Özer SENAY .... Turkey
Selam Ver Yeter 6'27
(Turkish Bellydance) [ARC Music]
SENAY who plays the baglama, is the producer, arranger and composer of the most of the music on this disc. A very recent release from ARC Music.

Dastgah Chahargah - Gushe Piche Sangale & Tasnif 8'02
(Nowruz - Traditional and Classical Music of Kurdistan / Iran) [World Network]
This is the final section of an engrossing 45 minute performance of this piece. Hossein ALIZADEH who leads the ensemble is a fine composer for traditional orchestra and much of his work has been released by the Californian-based Kereshmeh label.

Raïs NAJIB ENSEMBLE ....Morocco
Medley (a) Leave it between me and God 7'05
(b) You left without talking to me
(c) Shame on them, they twisted it around on me
(Morocco: Crossroads of Time) [Ellipsis Arts]

Zin 5'00
(Shabeesation) [Barbarity]

DEAD CAN DANCE ....Australia / Ireland
Nierika 5'42
(Spirit Chaser) [4AD]