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Program 391

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Hukwe & Charles ZAWOSE .... Tanzania
Chilumi 2'04
(Chibite) [Real World]

Hossam RAMZY .... UK / Egypt
(a) Wahda We Bas 7'13
(b) Malfuf Ala Westi 6'50
(Baladi Plus) [ARC Music]
A new CD of urbanised Egyptian folk music. The first of these pieces features Essam RASHAD - a vitruoso on the oud, and the second Farouq Ombor on the quarter-tone accordian.

Bushman in the Desert 7'58
(Tarab) [Enja]
Featuring Selim KUSUR on the ney.

O Vis Aeteritatis 7'54
A piece by Hildegard von Bingen
(b) ARAMAIEDA .... Australia
Drifting 3'52
(Siren Song) [ABC Music]

Nusrat Fateh Ali KHAN & Party .... Pakistan
Beh Haad Ramza Dhasdha (He manifests Himself in many forms) 11'31
(Shabaaz) [Real World]

House of the Ancestors 6'15
(Sound Magic Vol.1) [Real World]
This is an amazing ethno-techo-acoustic mixture - Gaelic, Afican, Armenian etc. Participants (from a huge list) include Ronan BROWNE, James McNALLY, Davy SPILLANE, Ayub OGADA, Kawding CISSOKHO, Masamba DIOP, Iarla O LIONAIRD.

Hukwe & Charles ZAWOSE .... Tanzania
Sisizito La Amani Duniani 8'35
(Chibite) [Real World]

Guillermo PORTABALES (1911-1970) .... Cuba
Nostalgia Guajira (Peasant's Nostalgia) 2'46
(El Carretero) [World Circuit]

Mike RUDD & Bill PUTT .... Australia
(I Cannot) Look At The Moon 4'34
(Living On A Volcano) [independent]

SKELTERFUGUE .... Australia
(a) Deadly Earnest Across 127th Street 2'39
(b) Deadly Earnest 6'05
(10 canons) [independent]
Another oddity. Skelterfugue describe their work as the musical vanguard of the neo-modernist movement. At first I thought this was a retro approach to a modern rock outfit, but there is probably something deeper going on - original instrumental parody perhaps? Hugo CRAN - drums, Michael CONOLAN - cello, Brione FIELD - keyboards, Henri GRAWE - saxophones & Jacob TAURINS - keyboards.