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#389 - Skirting around the edges of Europe, Scandinavia

Program 389

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Sima BINA .... Iran
Quatrains Pt.1 3'20
(Siren Song) [ABC Music]
A fine new Australian compilation of women's music from around the globe.

Djivan GASPARYAN .... Armenia
Don't Make Me Cry 5'03
(Moon Shines At Night) [All-Saints]

Valya BALKANSKA .... Bulgaria
Izlel je Delyo hajdutin 2'15
(Village Music of Bulgaria) [Nonesuch]
or (The Music of "Cosmos", 1981 Soundtrack) [RCA]
The Bulgarian Shepherdess song sent into space on Voyager.

TSINADALI CHOIR .... Georgia (formerly USSR)
Chakrulo 6'16
(Table songs of Georgia) [Real World]

TARAF de HAÏDOUKS .... Romania
Ballad of Corbea the Haïdouk 6'03
(Honourable Brigands, Magic Horses & Evil Eye) [Crammed]

Tibor SZEMZÖ .... Hungary
Arizo M.V. 3'00
(Ain't Nothing But A Little Bit Of Music For Moving Pictures) [TomK]
From the 1989 film "Dusi & Jenö".

MUZSIKÁS .... Hungary
(a) Én Csak Azt Csodálom 4'44
(The Prisoner's Song) [Hannibal]
(b) Istenem Istenem 3'43
(Blues For Transylvania) [Hannibal]

Kelsey's Medley 3'37
(Folk Music of Denmark 1995)
Lavishly packaged promotional disc released and distributed by MXP - Danish Music Export & Promotion

Tass'on Nainen 4'27
(Trä) [Silence]
Hard-edged folkish stuff from Arctic Hell.

The Fire Within My Cold Heart 4'00
(Benevolence) [Cold Meat]
Dark tribal-industrial flavours.

Annbjørg LIEN .... Norway
Hildalen 3'20
(Felefeber) [Grappa]
Featuring the odd Hardanger fiddle with sympathetic strings.

VÄRTTINÄ .... Finland
(a) Seelinikoi 3'31
(Seleniko) [Green Linnet]
(b) Tumala 3'25
(Aitara) [Xenophile]

ANGELIN TYTÖT .... Saamiland (Finland)
Golbma Irkki 2'36
(Giitu) [Mipu]
Be warned. Apart from these traditional-style "joiks", the "Twins from Angelin" also like to indulge in naïve techno-pop songs.

Vimme SAARI & Hector ZAZOU .... Saamiland (Finland)
Adventures in the Scandanavian Skin Trade 3'46
(Songs From The Cold Seas) [Columbia]

Tammuriata 4'22
(O'Vesuvio) [Il Pontesonoro]
Percussion/vocal traditional music for feasts that is jokingly described as the original "Volcano Rap".

RE NILIU .... Calabria / Italy
Pucambú 5'10
(Pucambú) [Il Pontesonoro]

Paolo MODUGNO .... Italy
Visioni di Pietra 6'50
(Le Bala et la Mouche) [Newtone / Robi Droli]