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Program 387

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

The BLUE NILE .... Scotland
Heatwave (instr.) 6'00
(Tinseltown in the Rain 12" Single) [Linn]

The BLUE NILE .... Scotland
War is Love 3'31
(Peace At Last) [Warner]
Not a prolific group by any means, but I've maintained an interest because of their innovative first album from 1984 "A Walk Across The Rooftops". This new album is similar in style to their second ("Hats" 1989), and is a creditable collection of quality "adult contemporary" songs.

Youssou N'DOUR .... Senegal
Sama Guent Guii 5'18
(Desert Blues: Ambience of the Sahara) [World Network]
A new double CD with a great collection of artists and performances.

Baly OTHMANI & Steve SHEEHAN .... Algeria / France
Eilan Akabar Warigazaz 7'57
(Desert Blues: Ambience of the Sahara) [World Network]

Steve SHEEHAN .... France
Spiritus Cantus 4'19
(Indigo Dreams) [KVox]

Jah WOBBLE's INVADERS of the HEART & Natacha ATLAS .... UK
Soledad 5'40
(Rising Above Bedlam) [Oval / Warner]

Natacha ATLAS .... UK
Leysh Nat'Arak 6'01
(Diaspora) [Nation]

A Tongue of Flame 6'12
(Psychic Karaoke) [Nation / Shock]

Abdel Ali SLIMANI .... Algeria
Ana Guellile (dub) 7'55
(Mraya) [Real World]

Falling in and out of love 2'51
(Soul Almighty: The Formative Years)
This is a "Redbook" enhanced-CD. Put it in your normal audio CD player and it will tell you that the disc is 63'37" long, yet there is only 38'42" of playable music? Put it in your fabulous multimedia computer's CD-ROM drive, and hey-presto, an interactive guide to these digital restorations of lost Marleyisms with 90's treatments and glamorous overdubs. Also biographies and QuickTime movies etc. etc. Perhaps not your ordinary "let's milk the Marley legend for more dollars" release.

Dimi Mint ABBA .... Mauritania
Ashabab yidie shabab aldual 5'43
(Desert Blues: Ambience of the Sahara) [World Network]

Aster AWEKE .... Ethiopia
Y'Shebellu 7'23
(Desert Blues: Ambience of the Sahara) [World Network]

Lobi TRAORE .... Mali
Nama da Yele 6'12
(Bamako) [Buda Musique]

Nick RANDALL .... Australia
Desert Dancer 4'00
(Featherback) [independent]
My first impression of Mr. Randall's voice included memories of Stan Ridgway (ex Wall of Voodoo), and even more than a hint of the accent to go with it. Does the global permeation of American culture include popular singing styles as well as their sit-coms, junk-food and reversed baseball caps? The album includes many good rocking songs, and the accent comes and goes.