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#380 - The influence of Japanese aesthetics, tuned percussion & music for dance performance

Program 380

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Yoshiaki OCHI .... Japan
(a) Beatsonic 4'45
(b) Beat The Water 2'28
(Natural Sonic) [Newsic]
A very interesting percussion album, and the second of these pieces features a running creek being beaten with sticks. So Melburnians, keep your mallets, toss away your toms and cymbals, and head for the Yarra today.

NADOYA Music & Dance Company .... Australia
(a) Spirals 6'13
(b) A Small Sign of Autumn 1'21
(c) Gaja Gaja 14'22
(Kagome) [independent]
A fabulous blend of musical influence and instrumentation, developed for butoh movement art and contemporary dance forms. The music is the work of Anne Norman - shakuhachi, bowls, Vietnamese oboe etc., Peter NEVILLE - percussion inc. steel drums, music box & drum kit, Satsuki ODAMURA - koto, Michael HEWES - bass guitar. The voices are provided by the dancers Yumi UMIUMARE, Tony YAP & Lynne SANTOS. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

1177 5'05
(Time Fish) [ESD]

Forrest FANG .... USA
(a) Ehecatl 1'52
(b) Receiving the approaching spirit 4'17
(Folklore) [Cuneiform]

TUU .... UK
Stillpoint in Motion 5'21
(All Our Ancestors) [Beyond]

SYNERGY .... Australia
(a) The Hour of the Dog 3'30
(b) The Hour of the Boar 4'28
(Matsuri) [Celestial Harmonies]
Featured guests on this disc are Reilly LEE - shakuhachi, and once again Satsuki ODAMURA - koto.

NADOYA Music & Dance Company .... Australia
Fractured 6'31
(Kagome) [independent]

Kazue SAWAI .... Japan
When I Was Eight 6'03
(Eye To Eye) [Republic]
A piece for bass koto and the voice of Hiromi OHTA.

Sussan DEIHIM & Richard HOROWITZ
Azax Attra 6'50
(Azax Attra - Desert Equations) [Made to Measure]

Iva DAVIES & Bob KRETSCHMER .... Australia
Terra Incognita 1'50
(Boxes) [Festival]
Music for the Sydney Dance Company production.

David BYRNE .... UK/USA
Two Soldiers 2'00
(The Catherine Wheel) [Sire]