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#378 - Strumming, plucking, dancing and chanting

Program 378

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

John MILLS .... Australia
An Unusual Summer 4'15
(Joyful Joyful) [Jarra Hill - Larrikin]

Andreas VOLLENWEIDER & Eliza GILKYSON .... Switzerland
Desert of Rain 4'23
(Eolian Minstrel) [SBK]

John MILLS .... Australia
An Unusual Summer 4'15
(Joyful Joyful) [Jarra Hill - Larrikin]

La CAITA .... Spain
El Pájero Negro 8'42
(Latcho Drom - Soundtrack) [Le Bande Son / Virgin]

Carlos LOMAS & Pepe de Malaga .... Spain
Alegrias 8'12
(Andalusian Flamenco Song & Dance) [Lyrichord]

El Anillo - The Ring 4'43
(Encuentros) [Globestyle]
The title refers to the encounter between the distinct Arabic and Spanish musics, and a very succesful one it is too.

Habib GUERROUMI .... France
Nawba - Derdj 7'43
(Arabic-Andalusian Music) [Playasound]
This extra-ordinary singer and oud-player has a very gentle musical manner, and a rather androgynous voice. This piece is traditionally played between 6 and 8pm, but I have little choice.

Omar Faruk TEKBILEK .... USA / Turkey
Love Respect Truth 7'02
(Whirling) [Celestial Harmonies]
Without exaggeration, this is among the most haunting and atmospheric pieces I have ever heard, mainly because of the incredibly delicate and well constructed interchange between the voice and flute in the latter half. Arto TUNCBOYACIYAN is the vocalist and composer.

Lisa GERRARD .... Australia
Glorafin 4'46
(The Mirror Pool) [4AD]
Dead Can Dance are about to begin another concert tour, this time going to "out-of-the-way" major cities not visited before. Unfortunately due to cost, Australian cities are not included. Their new CD promises to be quite different to the last studio album. Called "Spirit Chaser", it shouldn't be delayed too much longer, and I will review it on these pages as soon as I get an advance copy.

YAT-KHA .... Tuva
Song of Poor Lonely 4'06
(Strictly Worldwide x 4) [Piranha]

Ponam Garamut Drummers of Ponam Island & NOT DROWNING WAVING .... Papua New Guinea / Australia
Azehe 1'54
(Tabaran) [Wea]

MARA ! .... Australia
Jove 3'30
(Ruino Vino) [Rufus]
A very vibrant Bulgarian tune arranged with the jazz inflections one expects of this fine group.

VÄRTTINÄ .... Finland
Travuska 4'39
(Aitara) [Xenophile / Green Linnet]

joupelle joutenut 3'30
(Kaksi !) [Xource]
Electro-acoustic folk-rock in Swedish, with a touch of P.J.Harvey ?

Paolo MODUGNO .... Italy
Tammurriata 9'30
(Le Bala et la Mouche) [Newtone / Robi Droli]