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Program 377

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Noumane .... Morocco
(a) Aural tour of Fez Medina 0'56
(b) Bitaine Hamdane 1'33
(c) You Left Without Talking To Me 7'04
(Morocco: Crossroads of Time) [Ellipsis Arts]
Another superbly presented CD and "book" from Ellipsis Arts. The second of the above selection is a 1959 recording made by Paul BOWLES, one of 2 on this disc that have been digitally rescued. All other recordings were made in 1994. True to the title, the album ends with two pieces in more popular styles (listed below).

Sharam NAZERI (voice) & ENSEMBLE ALIZADEH .... Iran / Kurdistan
Dastgah Chahargah (a) Salam (b) Awaz (Poems)
(c) Taksim Kemanche (d) Chahar Mezrab 18'52
(Nowruz Traditional and Classical Music) [World Network / WDR]
A 1990 concert recorded in Cologne by WestDeutcher Rundfunk. The leader of this ensemble is the tar-player and composer Hossein ALIZADEH who has several releases available through Californian-based Kereshmeh Records.

Orovela 4'57
(Table songs of Georgia) [Real World]
A ploughman's work song from an extraordinary powerful male choir.

Djivan GASPARYAN .... Armenia
Mother of Mine 4'03
(Moon Shines At Night) [All Saints]

Trilok GURTU .... India
Shobharock 7'30
(Usfret) [CMP]
with the voice of Trilok's mum Shobha GURTU. Also Shankar, Ralph TOWNER, Jonas HELLBORG & Don CHERRY.

U. SRINIVAS & Michael BROOK .... India / Canada
Run 5'35
(Dream) [Real World]
I thoroughly enjoyed the Karnatic music experience last Sunday night at Robert Blackwood Hall here in Melbourne. The young Srinivas who plays electric mandolin was accompanied by another (that provided drones and much of the ornamentation an octave lower), violin and some unbelievable mridangam playing. The concert lasted hours.

How Do You Stop? 4'06
(Turbulent Indigo) [Reprise]

Daniel LANOIS .... Canada
(a) The Unbreakable Chain 4'16
(For The Beauty Of Wynona) [Warner]
(b) Amazing Grace 3'32
(Acadie) [Warner]
The latter features the floating and sublime voice of Aaron NEVILLE.

Najat AATABOU .... Morocco
(a) Just Tell The Truth 5'36
Noumane LAHLOU
(a) Bledi 3'01
(Morocco: Crossroads of Time) [Ellipsis Arts]

VARIOUS ARTISTS inc. Moses MOLELEKWA, Airto MOREIRA, Fana ZULU, Themba "Max" MNTAMBO .... South Arfica
Amagoduka - Migrant Workers 10'00
(Jazzin' Universally) [B+W]