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#375 - A taste of the Mediterranean and the Arabic lute, with a musical celebration for South Africa's Independence Day, and more

Program 375

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Omar Faruk TEKBILEK .... Turkey-Iran / USA
Sultan of the Hearts 7'07
(Whirling) [Celestial Harmonies]

Giorgios XYLOURIS .... Crete-Greece / Australia
Mavri Korfi 6'21
(Xylouris Ensemble) [independent]
This is the one piece on the disc that features George solo.

RE NILIU .... Calabria-Italy
Pucambú 5'12
(Strictly Worldwide x 3) [Piranha]

SOUL BROTHERS .... South Africa
Impimpi 3'50
(Strictly Worldwide x 4) [Piranha]

Amaswazi EMVELO .... South Africa
Izulu Elimnyama 3'35
(Freedom Fire - The Indestructible Beat of Soweto Vol.3) [Virgin Earthworks]

AZUMAH .... South Africa
Saphelisizwe 4'11
(Long Time Ago) [Kaz]
This group specializes in traditional Zulu music.

Zulu Lullaby 1'50
(Zebra Crossing) [BMG]
Someone told me that these hip chaps had a black BMW flown over to Australia specially for them to cruise around in, expectedly adorned with white vinyl zebra stripes !!! I wish I'd been able to see them play at the Melbourne Zoo last Sunday.

Abdel Gadir SALIM "ALL-STARS" .... Sudan
Umri Ma Bansa 8'00
(The Merdoum Kings Play Songs of Love) [World Circuit]

Abdel Gadir SALIM .... Sudan
Al Noam Djafani 8'19
(Sounds of Sudan) [World Circuit]
Salim on vocals and oud is joined here by Azhari Abdel Gadir - accordian, and El Zubeir Mohammed El Hassan - percussion.

Hossam RAMZY, featuring Mamdouh El GEBALY .... Egypt / UK
Farid Al Atrash 8'28
(The Best of Farid Al Atrash) [ARC Music]
A tribute with some wild and outstanding oud playing.

Cheikha REMITTI .... Algeria
Dana Wa Dana 4'40
(Aux sources du raï) [Institut du monde arabe]
Bedouin chant with cutting words from REMITTI on the subject of drunken and lusty behaviour.

Janette GERI .... Australia
(a) Over The Mountain Pt.1 2'18
(b) He Moves Through The Fair 4'23
(c) Over The Mountain Pt.2 2'18
(d) The Turning 2'00
(Describing The Sky) [NMP]