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Program 370

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

TUU .... UK
Stillpoint in Motion 5'20
(All Our Ancestors) [Beyond]
Bells, bowls, water drums, flutes & atmospheric samples all contribute to rather sublime listening. The exquisite CD booklet is made of a translucent wax paper, and should be held up to a light to appreciate the complexity of the artwork.

MARA ! .... Australia
(a) Ajde 4'35
(b) Past Carin' 7'05
(Ruino Vino) [Rufus / Polygram]
The former is a traditional Macedonian song, and the latter in a totally different vocal style, uses the writing of Henry Lawson. I think this is the best work yet from Mara !

Nusrat FATEH ALI KHAN & Michael BROOK .... Pakistan / Canada
My Heart, My Life 5'09
(Night Song) [Real World]

ABDELLI .... Algeria / Belgium
Achaah - Resentment 7'03
(New Moon) [Real World]

Habib GUERROUMI .... France
Insirafat 7'15
(Arabo-Andalusian Music) [Playasound]
A wonderful voice with solo oud and passionate lyrics.

Bachir ATTAR .... Morocco
Full Moon At The Window 5'56
(The Next Dream) [CMP]

Mark ISAACS .... Australia
Sierra 4'10
(Earth) [ABC Music - EMI]
Mark is a well-regarded jazz and classical pianist and composer, and this atmospheric collection of improvisations is but one of four discs in the "Elements" series, simultaneously released last year; "Earth", "Water", "Air" & "Fire".

(a) Oye Como Va 4'17
(Abraxas 1970) [CBS]
(b) Song of the Wind 6'00
(Caravanserai 1972) [CBS]

Lucila CAMPOS .... Peru
(a) Samba Malato 3'12
Eva AYLLÓN .... Peru
(b) Azuca de Caña 4'17
(The Soul Of Black Peru) [Warner]

KRISHMAEL .... Australia
(a) The Circlymaker 2'50
(b) Song of the Meadow Lark 3'59
(The Songlines) [independent]
The cassette cover describes the album as "a celtic medieval, aboriginal blend". The claim to some aboriginality seems a little tenuous, but some of the text draws on dreamtime legends and he lists digeridoo in the instrumentation, along with hammer dulcimer, mandolin and percussion.

XYLOURIS ENSEMBLE .... Greece / Australia
(a) Krata Kalo logariasmo 3'07
(b) Syrto by Psarandonis 5'19
(Xylouris Ensemble) [independent]
This all-acoustic ensemble specialise in the music of Crete.