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#368 - My WOMADelaide '97 wish-list Pt.2, and a WOMAD Indian Pacific preview

Program 368

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

MARA ! .... Australia
Yay Lar Lar 4'55
(Don't Even Think) [Sandstock]
MARA ! played at the first WOMADelaide in 1992, and I see no reason not to invite them again.

The catholics .... Australia
Why The Caged Bird Sings 5'30
(The catholics)
A fine jazz cross-over act like this would get the crowds jumping.

Bruce COCKBURN .... Canada
Silver Wheels 6'00
(Bruce Cockburn Live) [Cooking Vinyl]
A truly great songwriter & performer writing passionate, sensitive and socially-conscious lyrics.

La BOTTINE SOURIANTE .... Quebec / Canada
Picoro 5'20
(A Week in the Real World) [Real World]

Loreena McKENNITT .... Canada
Santiago 5'50
(The Mask and Mirror) [Quinlan Road]

"The TAHITIAN CHOIR" .... Rapa Iti, Southern Austral Islands
Himene Tarava 2'30
(Spirit of Polynesia) [Saydisc]

Baaba MAAL & Mansour Seck .... Senegal
Salminanam 4'26
(Djam Leeli) [Rogue]

Oumou SANGARE .... Mali
Kayini Wura 5'56
(Ko Sira) [World Circuit]

Ali Farka TOURE .... Mali
Bakoye 4'06
(Ali Farka Toure) [World Circuit]
A family crisis prevented him from coming last year. Here's hoping.

Tuomani DIABATE .... Mali
Sankoun Djabi 5'58
(Djelika) [Hannibal]
If there was any possibility of assembling the Songhai team with Spanish group Ketama, I would be equally thrilled.

Hamdi AHMED .... Egypt
Tasadig Wala Ahliflak 5'16
(Sif Safaa: New Music From The Middle East) [hEMIsphere]
Last week I made suggestions for some traditional-style music from the Arab world, so here's another in a more popular idiom.

JUSTIN VALI TRIO .... Madagascar
Bilo 4'35
(Ny Marina - The Truth) [Real World]
The discovery of WOMADelaide '95. Encore. Encore.

MUSIKI MANJARO .... Australia
Mwana L'shi 7'32
(Moto Moto) [independent]
This band MUST be part of next years' event. They've established themselves over many years as a fine African dance band.

See last week for my WOMADelaide '97 wishlist Part 1.

A brief snapshot of the WOMAD INDIAN PACIFIC TOUR in Pimba this weekend, and in Melbourne next.

SHU-DE ! .... Tuva
Tongue-twisters 2'42
(Voices From The Distant Steppe) [Real World]

Archie ROACH .... Australia
Down City Streets 3'57
(Charcoal Lane) [Mushroom]

Dodoma 6'00
(A Week In The Real World) [Real World]

Next week, a review of this WOMAD INDIAN PACIFIC tour with Systa BB from OK AFRICA (PBS-FM Thursdays 8:30-10pm) who took the train trip across the country.