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#366 - inc. Wedding songs from the Islamic world, Film music from Hong Kong, Devotional song from the Punjab & Pakistan

Program 366

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

RASHA'IDA Nomads .... Eritrea, Ethiopia
Song at the feast after Ramadan 1'48
(Human Voice & Lutes in the World of Islam) [Topic]
A few days late, but the timing is right for this.

Ali Hassan KUBAN .... Sudan
Bettitogor Agil 6'00
(Walk Like a Nubian) [Piranha]
Imagine paying for a wedding where thousands of relatives roll along for seven days of making whoopee. The success of Ali Hassan KUBAN is partly due to adopting the jerk dance style that James BROWN exploited, dramatically speeding up and urbanising the rural Nubian rhythms, and fusing all this with the kaf, a pogo circular dance where men and women can mix freely at the wedding.

Singer - Khan MOHAMMAD, Players - Aqi PISHAK & Mohammad OMAR .... Afghanistan
Wedding Song 2'48
(Human Voice & Lutes in the World of Islam) [Topic]

Hamza El DIN .... Sudan
Ollin Arageed 4'25
(Eclipse) [Ryko]
A compulsory Nubian wedding rhythm of clapping, frame-drums and dancing, enhanced by the gentle jingle of womens jewellery.

Unknown .... Morocco
Moroccan wedding song 2'28
(Passion - Sources) [Real World]

Peter GABRIEL .... UK
(a) The Feeling Begins 3'54
(b) In Doubt 1'32
(c) A Different Drum 4'20
(Passion) [Real World]

Youssou N'DOUR .... Senegal
Africa Remembers 9'19
(Eyes Open) [Columbia]

Baaba MAAL .... Senegal
Hommage à Guélaye 5'30
(Sunugal) [Local cassette release in Dakar. Refer to previous program]

Ros BANDT .... Australia
Exotics 3'55
(Footsteps) [Move]
A collaboration with Sasha BOGDANOVICH.

Jim SHUM .... Hong Kong
(a) The Journey 2'29
(b) Which Direction is Yours? 3'56
(Music For Films) [Character / NeoMusic]

SHINJUKU THIEF .... Australia
(a) Feather Woman of the Jungle 5'14
(b) Burden of Dreams 3'26
(Bloody Tourist) [Extreme]
Keep your eyes open for "Another Bloody Tourist", coming later this year.

Sant Anup Singh JI .... Punjab, India
Man De Ram Liya Hai Mole 8'15
(Haun Dekha Darsan Tera Ram) [Super Cassette Industries]
Devotional song. Available on CD.

Nusrat Fateh Ali KHAN & Party .... Pakistan
Haq Ali Ali Haq 7'15
(Devotional Songs) [Real World]