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#365 - Marking 15 years since my first program on PBS

Program 365

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Steve SHEEHAN .... France
Tonkinoise 3'33
(Indigo Dreams) [KVOX]

(a) Susana BACA .... Peru
Maria Landó 5'35
(b) Manuel DONAYRE .... Peru
Yo No Soy Jacqui 2'59
(The Soul of Black Peru) [Warner]
This music was revived only some 25 years ago, with the free and expressive dancing being previously considered too outrageous for the conservatives. The language is Spanish, and some of the dance forms on this disc developed well after the beginnings of the Peruvian slave trade in the 15th century; the landó, festejo, alcatraz and ingá. Apart from the humble guitar, the instruments unique to Afro-Peruvian music are the cajón (a simple wooden box that is sat upon and played with the hands), the cajita (a smaller box with the lid opened and shut in time to the rhythm), and the quijada de burro (the jaw bone of a burro with vibrating loosened teeth). A compilation from David Byrne

TUNARI .... Peru / Australia
Jach'a Mallka 2'50
(The Colours of Tunari) [independent]
This group specialises in the music of the Andes.

Mike RUDD & Bill PUTT .... Australia
(a) Voice of the Andes 5'15
(b) Dancing at Midnight 3'17
(Living on a Volcano) [independent / Distributed by MDS]
After too many years, a new semi-acoustic album from these high-quality performers and veterans of the Australian music scene. Remember Spectrum, Indelible Murtceps, Ariel, The Heaters, W.H.Y., Burwood Blues Band? A well-structured album that definitely grows on you. It's simple, elegant and articulate. Mike's voice is still in very fine form and was essentially recorded in long takes. Bill's acoustic guitar sound and technique are fabulous.

ABDELLI .... Algeria / Belgium
Igganniw - There are no more stars in my sky 3'59
(New Moon) [Real World]

ABDENBI BINIZI Ensemble .... Morocco
Aisha Qandisha 7'30
(Trance 2) [Ellipsis Arts]
Trance music in the Gnawa tradition.

MUSICIANS of the NILE .... Egypt
Bambi Saaidi 4'35
("Latcho Drom" Soundtrack) [Le bande son]

Cheb HASNI .... Algeria
Gualou Hasni Met 6'32
(Gualou Hasni Met) [Blue Silver]
Almost unknown internationally, Hasni was a big star in Algeria, rivalling the stature of Khaled. The defiant nature of raï music and progressive lyrics led to his murder by fundamentalists.

Najat AATABOU .... Morocco
Zourouni Lilah 6'00
(The Voice of the Atlas) [Globe Style]

Tarab 7'20
(Ekstasis) [Axiom]
A global dub-style jam album.

SUNS of ARQA .... UK
Cradle Pt.1 8'00
(Cradle) [Earthsounds]
An elusive outfit almost as obscure as 23 Skidoo, creating all manner of alternative dub ... and this, an atmospheric excursion with shenai, violin, flute and drones, based on the ragas Yaman Kalyam and Bhaiavi Pahvadi.

Baaba MAAL .... Senegal
(a) Ndaga 5'51
(b) Woulobé Lélá 6'00
(Sunugal) [see below]
Available only on cassette, a recent album apparently rejected for international release. For me, a very welcome return to a more traditional style, and I believe that it rivals "Djam Leeli" as one of his better offerings.