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Program 364

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Explorations - Ewe 6-8 Rhythms 6'10
(Opus 1) [Real World]
Philip Sweeney writes in his cover notes about how the group's leader Nana Danso ABIAM takes his electronic tuner along to the market in Accra before buying any cowbells for sale. This piece makes use of these "gongs" as both percussion and melodic instruments.

Babatunde OLATUNJI .... Nigeria
Akiwowo 7'45
(Drums of Passion: The Beat) [Ryko]
The story of an affectionately remembered train conductor called Akiwowo, followed by the kind of guitar solo you would expect from Carlos SANTANA.

Ahmed ABDUL-MALIK & Johnny GRIFFIN .... Sudan / USA
El Haris - Anxious 11'26
(Jazz Sahara) [Riverside]
Both these guys were playing with Thelonious MONK when this recording was made in 1958.

Paolo MODUGNO .... Italy
Visioni di Pietra 6'54
(Le Bala et la Mouche) [Newtone - Robi Droli]
As I've said many times, a brilliant disc.

George XYLOURIS ENSEMBLE .... Greece / Australia
Syrto Politiko 4'45
(Xylouris Ensemble) [independent]
Specialising in Cretan music, they're a group well worth seeing perform here in Melbourne.

BALDRIAN .... Denmark
Trads, Tro & Tørv 2'51
(Zinklar) [Valerian]

TANGLEROOTS .... Denmark
Lighthouse 4'49
(Out Of The Woods) [Heaven]

VÄRTTINÄ .... Finland
(a) Mie Oon Musta 2'16
(Oi Dai) [Green Linnet Xenophile]
(b) Leppiäinen 2'43
(Seleniko) [Green Linnet Xenophile]
(c) Tumala 3'28
(Aitara) [Green Linnet Xenophile]
The evolving sound of this magical predominantly womens group, from 1991-95. I don't care what it costs to get them to the next WOMADELAIDE. In fact, I've just given myself an idea for a future edition of Continental Drift; a wish-list for the next festival.

Raining 5'25
(Ancient Beatbox) [Cooking Vinyl]
This is radically pumped up version of the traditional tune that follows. Shiela CHANDRA sings with the hurdy-gurdys and bagpipes of Paul JAMES & Nigel EATON who also have an acoustic outfit called BLOWZABELLA.

MUZSIKÁS .... Hungary
Azt Gondoltam Esö Esik - I thought it was raining 4'00
(The Prisoner's Song) [Hannibal]

REZEDA .... Hungary / Australia
Czardas 6'38
(Music Deli - In The Can) [ABC - Phonogram]
Pronounced CHAR-DARSH, this is the most famous Hungarian dance style played here in concert by this Sydney-based group. A CD of various Australian-based groups from a huge range of cultural backgrounds.

Täss'on nainen 4'27
(Trä) [Silence]
A hard-edged folk style.

CLANNAD .... Ireland
(a) Ri na cruinne 3'47
(Anam) [RCA]
(b) Tower Hill 3'44
(Magical Ring) [RCA]