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Program 362

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

MARA ! .... Australia
(a) Adje 4'36
(b) The Big Dance 2'30
(Ruino Vino) [Rufus / Polygram]
I think that Mara KIEK has one of the best voices in this country suited to this style. These are re-arrangements of Macedonian folk melodies. The group also has the talents of Llew KIEK, Sandy EVANS, Tony GORMAN and Steve ELPHICK.

Oso varoun ta sidera 4'58
(Xylouris Ensemble) [independent]
A wonderful disc of predominantly Cretan influence, with musicians from Australian, Greek and Turkish backgrounds.

Talip ÖZKAN .... Turkey
Su yaylanin çamlari 4'36
(Mysteries of Turkey) [Music of the World]
This incredible performer first came to my attention with a later disc released through Axiom, justly called "The Dark Fire"

Cesaria EVORA .... Cabo Verde
Petit Pays 3'44
(Cesaria Evora) [Nonesuch]

BONGA .... Angola
Mona Ki Ngi Xiça 4'56
(Angola) [Playasound]
A powerful husky voice that soars over a strong Portugese influence.

Femi KUTI .... Nigeria
Frustrations 9'05
(Femi Kuti) [Tabu]
Yes, he's the son of the great Fela Anikulapo KUTI, and the musicianship is of a very high standard throughout. Femi doesn't quite go for the same quantities of venom and cynicism in his lyrics. A fine album.

Larry MALUMA .... Australia
Nzeelu Zoipa - Bad Brain 4'24
(Motion) [Safari]

BLEKBALA MUJIK .... Australia
Mimi 4'20
(Blekbala Mujik) [CAAMA]

MUSIKI MANJARO .... Africa / Australia
Souviens toi 6'31
(Moto Moto) [independent via Blue Moon Records]
A strong live act around Melbourne, and a disc recorded as a performance - 70 minutes worth.

Josepha 3'39
(Mbaqanga) [SBS]

Uthanwolfu AMENTKENTSHANE .... South Africa
Kwangiqond 'Ukuhlupheka 3'20
(Soweto Street Music) [Avan-Guard]
This superb CD is both Volume 1 & 2 of the vinyl releases, and Avan-Guard should be berated for not properly crediting each group with the songs they perform. Despicable.

Inkuzi EMDAKA .... South Africa
Ikhaya Lami 3'17
(Freedom Fire: The Indestructible Beat of Soweto Vol.3) [Virgin]

SUPER 10's .... South Africa
Indodiyakhulma 3'20
(Soeto Street Music) [Avan-Guard]
I should repeat my comments above on the credits ...

Various artists inc. Moses MOLEKWA, Fana ZULU, Airto MOREIRA, Themba "Max" MNTAMBO .... South Africa
Amagoduka - Migrant Workers 10'08
(Jazzin' Universally / Outernational Meltdown Vol.3) [B&W]

Bruce COCKBURN .... Canada
Actions Speak Louder
(Nothing But A Burning Light) [Columbia]