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#361 - Cross-cultural fusions from North America, Punjabi wedding & devotional songs, Raï sources with new sounds from Algeria and Morocco

Program 361

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

KASHTIN, Robbie ROBERTSON .... Quebec / USA
Akua Tuta 4'45
(Music for the Native Americans) [Capitol]

Forrest FANG .... USA
(a) The Dragon King's Advice 4'25
(b) Falling Stones 4'25
(Folklore) [Cuneiform]
This disc includes strange contributions from Steve ROACH & Robert RICH.

Sarmila ROY, Kudsi ERGUNGER, Phillipe EIDEL etc. .... International
Svetasvatara Upanisad 5'43
(The Mahabharata) [Real World]
The Mahabharata is one of the greatest books ever written. It is essentially a poem in Sandskrit of over 100,000 stanzas, and the title could be interpreted as "The Great History of Mankind". This disc is the soundtrack to Peter Brook's epic film about a long and bloody dispute between two groups of cousins.

Mandabala SINDU & Chorus .... India
Rasiya Nimbu Liya Deve 6'50
(Punjabi Wedding Songs Vol.2) [Music Today / Living Media India]
Various artists on this cassette, music director - Gursharan Singh Jimmi

Aawoh Sajna Haun Dekha Darsan Tera Ram 10'30
(Haun Dekha Darsan Tera Ram) [Super Cassette Industries]
A disc of Shabad Gurbani - Punjabi devotional songs. This is in fact a CD I found for sale in a local Indian Restaurant !

Nusrat Fateh Ali KHAN & Michael BROOK .... Pakistan / Canada
Tracery 4'47
(Musst Musst) [Real World]

Michael BROOK .... Canada
Skipwave 3'33
(Cobalt Blue) [4AD]

U. SRINIVAS & Michael BROOK .... India / Canada
Run 5'37
(Dream) [Real World]

Cheikha REMITTI .... Algeria
Hiyya bghat es-Sahara - She loves the Sahara 6'25
(Aux sources du raï) [Intitut du monde arabe]
Modern raï music comes after decades of turmoil in war, famine, plague, colonisation and cultural upheaval, and from these monotonous Bedouin chants. They are sung here in this 1994 concert as they traditionally were, with a rosewood reed flute called a gasba, and a long drum made from an aloe log with a single camel-hide skin, the guellal. REMITTI, born in May 1923 has survived just about everything. The moralists may have confiscated her earliest recordings, but they could never diminish her spirit and strong voice, which is still superb.

KHALED & Rachid BABA .... Algeria
Sidi Boumedienne 4'30
(Raï Rebels) [Earthworks / Virgin]

AMÏRA SAQATI .... Morocco
Ghouita 6'13
(Agdal Reptiles on Majoun) [Barbarity]
Essentially an Arabic techno-dance album, under the guidance of Pat JABBAR El Shaheed, who hails from the following crazy outfit. (Is "majoun" something smokeable perhaps?)

Lahbab 7'52
(Shabeesation) [Barbarity]
In case you are wondering, Aisha Qandisha is a spirit in the form of a woman - a genie. Apparently thousands of Moroccan men are either besotted by her, and even claim they are married to her. Once you hear this groups music, you can appreciate how good their band-name is.

Majita Mataliti 4'08
(El Buya) [Barbarity]