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#360 - Music from Africa, including a focus on African lyres

Program 360

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Tuomani DIABATE .... Mali
Cheick Oumar Bah 5'52
(Djelika) [Hannibal]
with Danny Thompson, bass

Salif KEITA .... Mali / Paris
Mandjou 10'35
(Folon) [Mango]
This is a completely new recording of this classic, and quite different.

ABDELLI .... Algeria / Belgium
Achaah - Resentment 7'01
(New Moon) [Real World]

Hamdi AHMED .... Egypt
Ghallo Tara 4'25
(Sif Safaa: New Music From The Middle East) [hEMIsphere]
This is quite an awesome compilation album.

Seleshe DAMESSAE .... Ethiopia
Anche-Lej 6'46
(Tesfaye: a future hope) [Music of the World]
Very distinctive vocal and string music, with a lyre called a krar.

SAMITE .... Uganda / USA
Waterfall 4'22
(Abaana Bakesa) [Shanachie]
His name is pronounced "Sam-ee-tay", and on this beautiful piece, the litungu has him humming gently along.

Ayub OGADA .... Kenya / UK
Thum Nyatiti 2'39
(En Mana Kuoyo) [Real World]
Mr. Ogada calls his lyre the nyatiti.

Oumou SANGARE .... Mali
Ko Sira 7'03
(Ko Sira) [World Circuit]

Mansour SECK & Ousmane Hamady DIOP .... Senegal / Mauritania
Soukabe Leydam 4'44
(N'Der Fouta Tooro Vol.1) [Stern's Africa]

Mansour SECK & Ousmane Hamady DIOP .... Senegal / Mauritania
Poullori 4'21
(N'Der Fouta Tooro Vol.2) [Stern's Africa]

Mahmoud GUINIA .... Morocco
Saste dima nyou 11'00
(Musique Tagnawite) [Tichkaphone]
From the Gnawa music stable.

Brahim BENHIM .... Australia
Ana Lik Wahdak 5'22
("La Kasbah" Down Under) [Independent cassette]
Brahim plays percussion, oud, bass, synthesisers and sings. All he needs now is a budget.

ABDELLI .... Algeria / Belgium
(a) Adarghal Introduction 1'44
(b) Adarghal - The Blind in Spirit 4'07
(New Moon) [Real World]