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#359 - A World Without Frontiers

Program 359

First broadcast as "A World Without Borders" — Continental Drift #287, August 14 1994. On that page you'll also find a PDF file of my handwritten notes on cue-points and cross-fades etc.

A celebration of music-making on Planet Earth with an uninterrupted 90 minute musical collage with 59 musical items.

The journey begins in Australia and travels north through Asia, across the former Soviet Republics to Finland, then down the Danube to the Black Sea. From there we head back to the Indian subcontinent, then return to the Persian Gulf, into Africa and up the Nile. After a circuit of Africa, we cross the Strait of Gebraltar, go north through the UK and cross to Canada, moving south thorough the Americas.


Peter MUMMÉ .... Australia
Organic Eargasm 2'04
Veronica Takes A Bath) [Integrated Circus]

The Sing Sing 1'47
(The Sing Sing) [Rampant]

ENGA tribe .... Papua New Guinea
Love Song 1'38
(PNG Vol.2 - ENGA Traditional) [Inst. of PNG Studies]

Summer 1'38
(Sonic Seasonings) [Columbia]

Paul SCHÜTZE .... Australia / UK
The Rapture of Concealment 2'13
(The Rapture of Metals) [SDV]

Recording by David LEWISTON .... Bali
Sekar Laret 2'05
(Music from the Morning of the World) [Elektra]

Street Gang 1'48
(The Apocalypse Now Sessions) [Ryko]

Phong NGUYEN Ensemble .... Vietnam / USA
Ly Chieu Chieu 1'43
(Eternal Voices) [New Alliance]

Lucia HWONG .... China / USA
Himalayan Twilight 2'16
(House of Sleeping Beauties) [Private Music]

Ladakh Monks .... Tibet
Tibetan Ritual 3'05
(Music from the Roof of the World) [Playasound]

SHU-DE .... Tuva
Sygyt & Khoomei Harmonic Singing 2'20
(Voices From The Distant Steppe) [Real World]

Makruli 1'44
(Table Songs of Georgia) [Real World]

Legend of the Old Mountain Man 0'54
(A Week in the Real World) [Real World]

VÄRTINNÄ .... Finland
Seelinnikoi 1'17
(Seleniko) [Green Linnet]

MUZSIKÁS .... Hungary
Eddig Vendeg 1'43
(The Prisoner's Song) [Hannibal]

Ivo PAPASOV .... Bulgaria
Marika Duma Pro Duma 1'28
(Orpheus Ascending) [Hannibal]

Djivan GASPARYAN .... Armenia
Moon Shines At Night 1'46
(Moon Shines At Night) [All Saints]

Talip OZKAN .... Turkey
Koroglu 2'05
(The Dark Fire) [Axiom]

Rzaev OGLYI .... Azerbaijan
Toy Olsun 2'00
(Music of Azerbaijan) [King]

Raga Kirvani 1'52
(The Violin of Southern India) [Ocora]

Nusrat Fateh Ali KHAN and Party .... Pakistan
Allah, Mohammed, Char, Yaar 1'51
(Shahen-Shah) [CD]

Aziz HERAWI .... Afghanistan / USA
Naghma - Ye klasik in rag pilu 1'30
(Master of Afghani Lutes) [Arhoolie]

Simon SHAHEEN .... Middle East / USA
Bashraf Farahfaza 1'26
(Turath) [CMP]

BANGA .... Egypt
Sabahiya 1'39
(Passion- Sources) [Real World]

Ali Hassan KUBAN .... The Sudan
Werwek Moshkoburungo 1'24
(Walk Like A Nubian) [Piranha]

Hamza El DIN .... The Sudan
Ollin Arageed 1'33
(Eclipse) [Ryko]

Geoffrey ORYEMA .... Uganda / UK
Piri Wango Iya 1'45
(Exile) [Real World]

Hukwe Ubi ZAWOSE .... Tanzania
Motyani 1'52
(The Art of Hukwe Ubi Zawose) [JVC]

D'GARY .... Madagascar
Sahira 1'11
(Malagasy Guitar) [Shanachie]

ROSSY .... Madagascar
Midona 1'29
(Island of Ghosts) [Real World]

BULAWAYO CHOIR .... Zimbabwe
Limpopo River Song 1'41
(The Power of One - Soundtrack) [Elektra]

AKA Pygmies .... Central Africa
Mo Boma, Lullaby 1'30
(Anthology of the Aka Pygmies) [Ocora]

Sanford PONDER .... USA
Fugawe 1'10
(Tigers Are Brave) [Private Music]

Recording by Stephen JAY .... Ghana
Ahanta Chant 2 1'42
(Ghana - Ancient Ceremonies, Song and Dance) [Elektra]

King Sunny ADÉ .... Nigeria
Tolongo 1'36
(Synchro System) [Mango]

Oumou SANGARE .... Mali
Saa Magni 2'00
(Ko Sira) [World Circuit]

FARAFINA .... Burkina Faso
Nianiae Lomina 1'14
(Bolomakoté) [VeraBra]

Master Musicians of JAJOUKA .... Morocco
Jajouka Between The Mountains 1'27
(Apocalypse Across The Sky) [Axiom]

Andalusian Orchestra of Tangiers, with Juan Peña LEBRIJANO .... Morocco / Spain
Desafio 1'04
(Encuentros) [Globe Style]

Carlos LOMAS & Pepé de MALAGA .... Spain
Fandango de Huelya 1'16
(Andalusian Flamenco Song and Dance) [Lyricord]

MILLADOIRO .... Gallicia, Spain
A Farruquina 1'13
(Celtic Music From Spain) [Green Linnet]

SINFONYE .... Australia
Unknown medieval secular music 1'30
(ABC recording) [Unreleased]

CLANNAD .... Ireland
An Gabhar Ban 1'14
(Ring of Gold) [Celtic Music]

SIROCCO .... Australia
Wind and Water 2'12
(Port of Call) [Larrikin]

Picoro 1'00
(A Week in the Real World) [Real World]

Sebastain McKENZIE .... Canada
Bear Hunting Song 1'40
(North American Indian Music Anthology) [Folkways]

Winnebago Army Song 1'30
(Honour the Earth Powwow: Great Lakes Indians) [Ryko]

Hassan HAKMOUN and ZAHAR .... Morocco / USA
Soudan Minitara 1'10
(Trance) [Real World]

Tom WAITS .... USA
The Ocean Doesn't Want Me 1'38
(Bone Machine) [Island]

Jorge REYES and Suso SAIZ .... Mexico / Spain
No Te Entiendo 2'21
(Chronica de Castas) [No-CD Rekords]

Terms of Reality (Radio Collage) 1'03
(Some Deaths Take Forever) [Initial]

TUNARI .... Peru / Australia
Sicureada 1'27
(The Colours of Tunari) [Independent]

BAHIA BLACK .... USA / Brasil
Retrato Calado 1'25
(Ritual Beating System) [Axiom]

Sergio MENDES .... USA
Fanfarra 1'12
(Brasileiro) [Elektra]

VARIOUS ....West Indies
Ah Feel To Party 1'20
(Pelham's SOCA Party) [Coral Sounds]

PRINCE UNIQUE .... West Indies
Wouele Mama 1'20
(Carribean Carnival - SOCA Party) [Coral Sounds]

Mas Viejo Que Ayer Mas Joven Que Manana 1'57
(La Explosion Del Momento) [Real World]

Kekele 1'40
(Time Fish) [ESD]

MO BOMA .... International
Ituri Spaceman 1'00
(Jijimuge) [Extreme]

Unknown .... Cook Islands
Reureu Drum Dance 1'36
(Exotic Voices and Rhythms of the South Seas) [ARC Music]

Descendants of Hotu METUA ....Easter Island
Hoko War Dance, Easter Island 1'30
(Spirit of Polynesia) [Saydisc]