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Program 356

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Joxan GOIKOETXEA .... Spain (Basque country)
Toberak 1'35
(Egurraren Orpotik Dator) [No-CD Rekords]
The disc title means "Coming From The Heel of the Wood".

Anouar BRAHEM .... Tunisia
Bahia 10'15'
(Madar) [ECM]

Janette GERI .... Australia
For Joy 4'02
(Describing The Sky) [NMP]

MUZSIKÁS .... Hungary
Old Song From Somogy 3'25
(Blues For Transylvania) [Hannibal]

TARAF de HAÏDOUKS .... Roumania
Chronicle of a Peasant Uprising 7'37
(Honourable Brigands, Magic Horses & Evil Eye) [Crammed]

Ivo PAPASOV .... Bulgaria
Na Trapesa 6'55
(Orpheus Ascending) [Hannibal]

Unknown .... Greece
Iroïni Kai Mauraki 3'18
(Rembetiko Tragoudi) [Lyra]

(a) Twilight at Rhodes 1'58
(b) Night Festival at Rhodes 3'40
(Fresh Aire Vol.VI) [American Gramaphone]
A disc based on impressions of Greek Mythology, under the guidance of Chip DAVIS.

Irene PAPAS & Vangelis PAPATHANASSIOU .... Greece
The 40 Braves 5'12
(Odes) [Polygram]
Mr. "Chariots of Fire" teamed up with a singing actress in 1987 to produce this expectedly synthesised Greek album. You may have to go to a specialist Greek music shop to find the CD.

Ya Habibi, Ya Ghaybine 7'52
(Soup of the Century) [Fez-o-Phone]
Don't take anything this multicultural band does too seriously - 6 guys who don't look like their bloodlines fit the name "Mustapha". Their music however does.

RE NILIU .... Calabria, Italy
Pucambú 5'12
(Pucambú) [Il Pontesonoro]

ROMANÇAS .... Portugal
Carolina 3'16
(Azuldesejo) [Luminaria]
If you're ever in a place called Sintra, drop into their pub called "The Troubadour's Tavern". The invitation is on the liner notes.

TAVAGNA .... Corsica
N'un ti Scurdo 2'15
(A cappella) [Silex]
This, and the previous 2 items all appear on a 1994 Piranha compilation called "Strictly Worldwide X 3" from the European Forum of Worldwide Music Fesivals.

Joxan GOIKOETXEA & Juan Mari BELTRAN .... Spain (Basque country)
Egurraren Orpotik Dator 6'00
(Egurraren Orpotik Dator) [No-CD Rekords]

MILLADOIRO .... Spain (Galicia)
Maneo Da Ulla / Foliada de Padrenda 3'25
(Castellum Bonesti) [Green Linnet]
Celtic music from Spain

KETAMA .... Spain
Galuchi 4'04
(Ketama) [Hannibal]