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Program 355

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

SAMITE .... Uganda / USA
Njabala 4'12
(Abaana Bakesa - Dance My Children Dance) [Shanachie]

D'GARY .... Madagascar
Bibi Aomby 5'04
(Malagasy Guitar) [Shanachie]

Justin "VALI" .... Madagascar
Vato Malaza - The Ancestral Rock 4'20
(Ny Marina - The Truth) [Real World]

Andreas VOLLENWEIDER .... Switzerland
Pyramid - In The Wood - In The Bright Light 7'10
(Behind The Gardens...) [CBS]

Michael STEARNS .... USA
End Credits 3'26
("Baraka" Soundtrack) [Milan]

DEAD CAN DANCE .... Australia / Ireland
Yulunga 6'52
(Into the Labyrinth) [4AD]
Lisa GERRARD has recently completed a highly successful tour of Europe, the UK, USA and Canada, performing new material and pieces from "The Mirror Pool". The new DEAD CAN DANCE album should be no more than a few months away.

Wipala 5'03
("Baraka" Soundtrack) [Milan]
Also available on the album "Land of the Incas".

TUNARI .... Peru / Australia
Brasilerinho 2'20
(The Colours of Tunari) [Independent]

HOWLIN' WIND ... Australia
Kadaicha 7'00
(Great Ocean Road) [Sony]
This is the most distinctive and menacing piece on this overly melodic disc, inspired by the Kadaicha Man, an elusive and silent man of law and retribution in Aboriginal Australia.

Joe GEIA .... Australia
Myee Woonbah 2'38
(Music Deli - In The Can) [ABC Music - Phonogram]
The tile means "eat honey", and is a warning to Aboriginal children about two types of bees - native ones that don't sting, and European imports that do. Born on Palm Island, Joe is a member of the Kokoimudji clan.

AKA PYGMIES .... Central Africa
Ritual before the gathering of honey 7'03
(Anthology of the music of the Aka Pygmies) [Ocora]

Adawura Kasa 3'42
(Opus 1) [Real World]

BALLA et ses BALLADINS .... Guinea
Paulette 7'39
(Reminiscin' in tempo...) [Popular African Music]

Rabih ABOU-KHALIL .... Lebanon / Germany
Dreams of a Dying City 11'04
(Roots & Sprouts) [ENJA]

East St. Louis 1'57
("Trespass" soundtrack) [Sire]