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Program 354

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Lokua KANZA .... Zaire / Paris
Ya Mango 2'51
(Lokua Kanza) [Independent / Night & Day / Sandstock]

Hukwe ZAWOSE .... Tanzania
Tuna haki ya kujivunia utamaduni wetu 8'44
(The Art of Hukwe Zawose - CD Ethnic Sound Series 36) [JVC Japan]
This is his other disc, a Japanese recording that includes a couple of songs from "Mateso". It has a much more spacious ambient sound. The other members of his ensemble are Dickson MKWAMA & Lubeleje CHIUTE. He will also have a track on the forthcoming CD compilation of live recordings from WOMADelaide 1995.

Compound 3'14
(The Apocalypse Now Sessions) [RYKO]

Sacred flute music in preparation for a male initiation ceremony 4'03
(Exotic Voices & Rhythms of the South Seas) [ARC Music]
Apparently these are the longest flutes in the world.

Unknown .... New Zealand
Haka Maori Welcome 1'41
(Spirit of Polynesia) [Saydisc]
A recording made at the 5th Pacific Festival of Arts in Townsville, Australia 1988

KIKO family .... Easter Island
Kai Kai (Cat's cradle) 0'56
(Spirit of Polynesia) [Saydisc]

Descendants of King HOTU METUA .... Easter Island
Hoko War Dance 3'04
(Spirit of Polynesia) [Saydisc]
An amazingly atmospheric ocean cave setting with conch shells and powerful voices.

Vakamalolo YAROI .... Fiji
Meke chant 4'21
(Exotic voices & Rhythms of the South Seas) [ARC Music]
The words describe the very rare Tagimoucia flower.

Hamza El DIN .... The Sudan
(a) The Message Bearer 6'43
(b) Desse Barama 4'30
(Music of Nubia) [Vanguard]
From 1964, the first of these two pieces includes Ahmed Abdul MALIK playing string bass. You may remember playing his 1958 "Jazz Sahara" disc on Continental Drift #346. Hamza El Din plays the oud, with his emotional singing.

Mimoun Mamrba 5'13
(Gnawa Music of Marrakesh) [Axiom]

Halima CHEDLI Ensemble .... Morocco
Touhami Dikr 12'32
(Trance 2) [Ellipsis Arts]
Women take an active part in the Gnawa ceremonies. This is desecribed as music for "serene & healing nights of music and trance dancing." If you go hunting for this disc, look for a CD-sized book.

Natcha ATLAS .... Middle East / UK
(a) Alhambra Pt.1 1'20
(b) Duden 6'37
(Diaspora) [Nation]

Michel BANBILA & Yasur SAKA .... Holland / Turkey
Waterdance 4'53
(The Dreamfields) [Stemra]

Mark ISHAM .... USA
Nanawatai (Track 7) 6'13
(The Beast) [A&M]

John MILLS .... Australia
Desert Rain, Desert Bloom 3'14
(Joyful, Joyful) [Jarra Hill - Larrikin]
John creates simple and elegant music for acoustic guitar.