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Program 352

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Hossam RAMZY and his Egyptian Ensemble .... Egypt / UK
Mawwal El-Oshaa - The Lovers' Chant 6'04
(Egyptian Raï) [ARC Music]
The first of four very well produced and recorded discs on this program from a fine percussionist who moved to the UK in 1975 to further aim of disemanating Arab culture through his music. This piece features Samy El-Babli on trumpet, and as the title of this disc may suggest, his aim here is to unite the Arab world with selections that represent all parts of it.

Hossam RAMZY and his Egyptian Ensemble .... Egypt / UK
Ana Fintizarak 10'30
(Best of Om Kolthoum) [ARC Music]

Om KOLTHOUM .... Egypt
Ya Messaharni - I'm losing my sleep over you 8'30
(Ya Messaharni) [Sono Cairo]
The legend herself, who spellbound the Arab world with regular concert broadcasts. This recording is probably one of them.

Hossam RAMZY & Ensemble .... Egypt / UK
Ala Hesb Wedad Galbi 5'30
("Kouhail") [ARC Music]
The name of this disc is the term used for an Arabian stallion, and apparently a test of a thoroughbred is to play it some of this distinctive Saaidi dance music, because they can't resist dancing to it!

Hossam RAMZY & his Egyptian Ensemble .... Egypt / UK
Source of Fire 7'41
(Source of Fire) [ARC Music]
Once again with Samy El-Babli on trumpet.

MUSICIANS of the NILE .... Egypt
Ya Dorah Shami 4'03
("Latcho Drom" Soundtrack) [Le bande son]

Kingdom Come 7'34
(Hear No Evil) [Venture / Virgin]

Steve SHEHAN .... France
Spiritus Cantus 4'24
(Indigo Dreams) [K-Vox]
This piece is dedicated to the following team ...

Sussan DEIHIM & Richard HOROWITZ
Desert Equations 6'50
(Desert Equations: Azax Attra) [Made to Measure]
Unfortunately most of the CDs of this album I have encountered are faulty. Only a top of the range CD player will cope. Shame. Be warned.

Hossam RAMZY & Ensemble .... Egypt / UK
Sahara Groove 5'00
(Source of Fire) [ARC Music]
Featuring Mamdoah El Gebaly on the oud.

Hossam RAMZY & Ensemble .... Egypt / UK
El-Hawzi 4'14
(Egyptian Raï) [ARC Music]
Featuring Aziz Ben Salim on the ney.

Tuomani DIABATE .... Mali
Kandjoura 8'06
(Djelika) [Hannibal]