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Program 351

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Janette GERI .... Australia
(a) Over The Mountain Pt.1 2'18
(b) He Moves Through The Fair 4'23
(c) Over The Mountain Pt.2 2'30
(Describing The Sky) [NMP]
This is the second CD from this very talented local artist, who owes a lot to Jane Sibbery and Joni Mitchell. Best described as "eclectic mainstream", she did virtually everything from playing almost every instrument to the cover artwork - a consistently high standard she can be proud of.

Pandit Ravi SHANKAR .... India
Raga: Sanjh Kalyan - alap & jod 18'32
(The Genius of Pandit Ravi Shankar) [Oriental Records]

Nusrat FATEH ALI KHAN & Party .... Pakistan
Ganj-E-Shakar 22'39
(The Last Prophet) [Real World]

TRIAL of the BOW .... Australia
Ornamentation 7'41
(Ornamentation) [Release]

Shiela CHANDRA .... UK
Bhajan 7'04
(Weaving My Ancestors Voices) [Real World]

Zakir HUSSAIN, John McLAUGHLIN, Jan GARBAREK .... India / USA / Norway
Anisa 9'09
(Making Music) [ECM]

Yungchen LHAMO .... Tibet / Australia
Omar Chung Chung 2'15
(Tibetan Prayer) [Independent]
I am totally baffled as to how this disc won an ARIA award for "Best World Music CD" (or whatever), and in my mind, such awards continue to diminish in credibility. Having seen her live at WOMADelaide this year, I think that the producers failed to get the best possible performance from her. There are too many occassions when her pitch is less than satisfactory. Let me remind anyone who intends to independently produce their own material, that a CD is a document. You must release absolutely the best possible result to the public and critics alike. I am convinced that this modest, sincere and enchanting singer is capable of much better. Her next release should be far superior.

Ry COODER & V.M.BHATT .... USA / India
Longing 5'00
(A Meeting By The River) [Waterlily Acoustics]