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Program 350

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Graham HAYNES .... USA
Flip Stories 8'53
(The Griot's Footsteps) [Antilles]
Haynes is an Afro-American cornet player with a predilection for jazz with a global leaning.

The catholics .... Australia
Chant 7'30
(The catholics) [Spiral Scratch]
Bassist Lloyd Swanton leads this fine jazz-influenced outfit which includes notable players like James GREENING on trombone, and Sandy EVANS saxophone. Just before this program, Sandy was awarded an Australia Council arts grant.

Carlinhos BROWN (Bahia Black) .... Brazil
Guia Pro Congal 5'49
(Ritual Beating System) [Axiom]

João BOSCO & Sergio MENDES .... Brazil / USA
Senhoras do Amazonas 4'31
(Brasileiro) [Elektra]

Nazare PEREIRA .... Brazil
Maculele 2'26
(Beleza Tropical) [Fly / Sire]

Son de la loma 5'45
(Una Sola Casa) [Xenophile / Green Linnet]

Cesaria EVORA .... Cape Verde
Petit pays 3'43
(Cesaria Evora) [Nonesuch]

Pierre AKENDENGUE .... Gabon
Silence 6'17
(Silence) [Celluloid]

Tuomani DIABATE .... Mali
Cheik Oumar Bah 5'55
A new album from the young mega-talented kora player that appeared on the "Songhai" albums. This piece includes bass player Danny Thompson. I would have played his previous album "Kaira" more often, except that the person I lent it to NEVER RETURNED IT. (Where are you, smeg-head?)

Malamini JOBARTEH .... Gambia / Germany
Kelefa 5'00
(Same sun, Same moon) [Shamrock]
The opening of a live disc with Rüdiger OPPERMAN that veers well off this traditional path, into a fusion that is perhaps unique to Germany.

Ahmed Abdul-MALIK .... Sudan / USA
Farah 'Alaiyna - Joy Upon Us 6'59
(Jazz Sahara) [Riverside]
The rest of this restored 1958 recording includes saxophonist Johnny GRIFFIN.

Kudsi ERGUNER, Mahmoud Tabrizi-ZADEH,
Bruno CAILLAT .... Turkey / Iran
Selman 8'06
(Oriental Dreams) [Playasound]
Perhaps this CD should have been more accurately titled "Middle Eastern Dreams", but what counts here is the performance.

Paolo MODUGNO .... Italy
Taqsim Bayati 8'48
(Le bala et la mouche) [Newtone / Robi Droli]
I am still getting enquiries about this amazing disc. It is certainly one of the better "global" atmospheric albums to come my way in a long time. Copies have recently been available in Melbourne at Peril 305 and Blue Moon.