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Program 349

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Aziz HERAWI .... Afghanistan / USA
Mahali 3'35
(Master of Afghani Lutes) [Arhoolie]

Najat AATABOU .... Morocco
Baghi Narjah 9'42
(The Voice of the Atlas) [Globe Style / Ace]

Hossam RAMZY .... Egypt / UK
Farid Al Atrash 8'30
(The Best of Farid Al Atrash) [ARC Music]
Phenomenal performance on the oud from Mamdouh El Gabaly.

Unknown .... Ethiopia
Tejbeit Bar Song 2'40
(Passion - Sources) [Real World]
Dynamic stuff, suitably spiced with extra percussion from Hossam RAMZY and the tin-whistle of Richard EVANS.

Mahmoud AHMED .... Ethiopia
Fetsum Dink Lij Nesh 4'29
(Ere Mela Mela) [Hannibal]

Rashá'ida people of ERITREA .... Ethiopia
Song at the feast after Ramadan 1'47
(Music in the World of Islam - Human Voice / Lutes) [Topic]

Ofra HAZA .... Israel
Love Song 2'25
(Shaday) [Sire]
The first of six a capella pieces in this program...

Hassan HAKMOUN with Carole ROWLEY .... Morocco / USA
The Sun Is Gone 4'53
(Trance) [Real World]

Through The Wilderness 3'54
(Café of the Gate of Salvation) [Independent]
Solo from Tony BACKHOUSE in his own composition.

Mining For Gold 1'30
(The Trinity Session) [RCA]

VÄRTTINÄ .... Finland
Aitara 2'48
(Aitara) [Green Linnet / Xenophile]

Ta shto mie miloj, mamo 1'15
(Archipelago) [SBS Music]

MARA ! .... Australia
Sandansko Horo 5'12
(Don't Even Think) [Sandstock]

EREVAN Ensemble .... Armenia
Mediæval Lamentation 4'37
(Kalaschjan - Rural and Urban Traditional Music from Armenia) [Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt]
Probably the most famous Armenian piece, for two duduks.

Wendy CARLOS .... USA
A Woman's Song 3'53
(Beauty in the Beast) [JEM / Audion]
A totally synthesised version of the recording to follow, and Carlos is humble in her praise of it too ....

Valya BULKANSKA .... Bulgaria
Izlel je Delyo hajdutin 2'19
(Village Music of Bulgaria) [Elektra / Nonesuch]
This performance of a Bulgarian shepherdess song was included on the pure gold LP-type record sent off into the cosmos on the first Voyager spacecraft. Understandably, Carl SAGAN used it in his "Cosmos" TV series. So there are enlightened astronomers with good taste after all....

TSINANDALI CHOIR .... Georgia (former USSR)
Makhuri Mravaljamieri 5'07
(Table Songs of Georgia) [Real World]
A hymn to eternal life sung at the beginning of a feast.

SHU-DE .... Tuva (former USSR)
Untitled - throat singing with igil 3'53
(Voices From The Distant Steppe) [Real World]
A song about the beauty of a girl, and of horses and throat singing!

KASHTIN .... Quebec
Akua Tuta 4'43
(Songs for the Native Americans) [Capitol]
With Robbie ROBERTSON.
Sung in the disappearing language of the Innu tribe in north-east Quebec.
"Take care,
take care of your homeplace,
take care of your grandmother,
take care of yourself."