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Program 348

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Elisha KILABUK, Koomoot NOOVEYA, Hector ZAZOU
Song of the Water 2'35
(Songs from the Cold Seas) [Columbia]
Innuit gameplay with grotty samples.

ANGELIN TYTÖT .... Saamiland, Finland
Dolla 3'48
(Skeaikit) [Mipu Music]
A shining moment on a very disappointing album from the twins from Angeli, Tuuni & Ursula Länsman.

We're The People 3'25
(Honour The Earth Powwow: Songs of the Great Lakes Indians) [Ryko]

Hopi Indians .... North America
Water Maiden Dance 4'31
(Global Celebration 4 CD Set: Earth Spirit) [Ellipsis Arts]

Steve SHEHAN .... France
Bird Tribe 4'15
(Indigo Dreams) [K Vox]
Judge Mr. Shehan's fragmented new release for yourself. There are interesting and exotic sounds galore, but there is not one piece that takes a musical direction I can follow logically.

40 minutes 5'48
(Time Fish) [ESD]

Loreena McKENNITT .... Canada
The Mystic's Dream 7'30
(The Mask & Mirror) [Quinlan Road]

Bruce COCKBURN .... Canada
Understanding Nothing 4'24
(Big Circumstance) [Liberation]

Vini REILLY .... UK
My Country 2'56
(The Durutti Column) [Factory]

Bachir ATTAR .... Morocco
Under The Shadow Of Liberty 5'51
(The Next Dream) [CMP]

Ginger BAKER .... Germany
Dust to Dust 5'28
(Horses and Trees) [Celluloid]

Sanougue KOUYATE .... Mali
Karam Domba 7'28
(Balendala Djibe) [Mango]

Jali Musa JAWARA .... Mali
Bana 6'10
(Soubindoor) [World Circuit]

Sali SIDIBE .... Mali
Djen Magni 4'58
(Women of Wassoulou) [Stern's Africa]

King Sunny ADÉ & his African Beats .... Nigeria
Synchro System 6'23
(Synchro System) [Mango]

Ayub OGADA .... Kenya / UK
10% 4'05
(En Mana Kuoyo) [Real World]