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Program 346

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Cesaria EVORA .... Cape Verde
Areia de salamansa 3'30
(Cesaria Evora) [Nonesuch]

(a) Mongo SANTAMARIA .... Cuba
Yeye 2'59
(b) Tarika SAMMY .... Madagascar
Famadihana - Reburial ceremony 4'00
(c) Unknown .... Bali
Opening parade Bali Arts Festival 1987 - Indonesian processional music 2'19
(d) Rais NAJIB Ensemble .... Morocco
Sir maa balad - Rose harvest festival music 3'50
(Global Celebration 4 CD Set) [Ellipsis Arts]

Ahmed ABDUL-MALIK & Johnny GRIFFIN .... Sudan / USA
Ya annas - Oh, people 11'10
(Jazz Sahara) [Riverside]
An amazing restoration of a 1958 recording, long before the marketing of "world" music. Half way through this piece, Abdul-Malik puts down his oud in favour of a double-bass!

Philip GLASS & Foday MUSA-SUSO .... USA
(a) Mr. Suso 1'18
(b) From Egypt 3'23
(c) Anthem Pt.2 3'48
(Powaqqatsi) [Elektra-Nonesuch]

Täss'on nainen 4'27
(Trä) [Silence]

The Fire Within My Cold Heart 3'30
(Benevolence) [Cold Meat Industry]

SkrauTvä 3'02
(Trä) [Silence]

Forrest FANG .... USA
Falling Stones 4'25
(Folklore) [Cuneiform]

Unknown .... Bali
Balinese Hindu trance rituals 7'00
(Trance 2) [Ellipsis Arts]
Recording made by David LEWISTON. During this ritual called ngurek, the participants stab themselves with long daggers, but usually as a result of the powerful muscle tensing in the trance, the blade doesn't penetrate the skin... at least, that's the plan. This is a mere snippet of information from what is essentially a CD-sized book. There just happens to be a disc in the cardboard folds at the back, and WOW! No oil-based plastic for a change.

Jan GARBAREK & Ustad Fateh Ali KHAN .... Norway / Pakistan
Raga 1 8'39
(Ragas & Sagas) [ECM]

Yoshiaki OCHI .... Japan
Balasong 4'28
(Natural Sonic) [Newsic]
There is a strange musical connection between the sound of this Japanese percussion, and what follows....

FARAFINA .... Burkina Faso
Nianiae Lomina 4'59
(Bolomakoté) [VeraBra]