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Program 341

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Paolo MODUGNO .... Italy
Visioni di Pietra 6'40
(Le Bala et la mouche) [Robi Droli]
Thanks to your keen interest dear listener, this disc is now available in Melbourne from "Blue Moon" and "Peril 305". Don't miss out on this superb Afro-ambient global-trance experience. One of the best discs to come my way in years, and I don't say that lightly.

SHU-DE .... Tuva
My Khemchik River 3'27
(Voices From The Distant Steppe) [Real World]
Nothing like a bit of throat-singing to end the weekend ...

Unknown choir .... Tonga
Lakalaka Hihifa 4'12
(Exotic Voices & Rhythms of the South Seas) [ARC]
Thanks for the holiday-snaps in the booklet Mr. Fanshawe, but how about listing the singers with the song titles and their story?

Dumisane MARAIRE & The KRONOS QUARTET .... Zimbabwe / USA
Kutambarara 7'09
(Pieces of Africa) [Elektra Nonesuch]
The title comes from the Shona language, and means "spreading". A strong performance too from the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir.

HOLY CROSS CHOIR .... South Africa
Isizwe Sika Ndlovu 2'56
(Thulani Nilalele) [CTV Music Team]
This is when I revel in the incredible singing (in Zulu), and ignore the fact that this is church music with organ and a tacky DX7 bass line. Wonderful stuff on rare vinyl.

Ngaari LAAW .... Senegal
Rew'Be Fuuta 4'08
(Strictly Worldwide X 3) [Piranha]
The 1994 compilation disc from the EFWMF (European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals). Interesting music from everywhere.

Baaba MAAL .... Senegal
Daande Leñol (Voice of the People) 5'53
(Lam Toro) [Mango]

Oumou SANGARE .... Mali
Ko Sira 7'02
(Ko Sira) [World Circuit]
A strong voice for African women, especially on the philosophy of her culture and how women must deal with it. This marvellous disc is a very stirring and warm recording.

Pierre AKENDENGUE .... Gabon
Epuguzu 4'02
(Silence) [Celluloid]

Valanga KHOZA & SAFIKA .... Australia
Masuja 3'00
(Sebe) [Larrikin]

Graham HAYNES .... USA
Enlightenment 26'05
(The Griot's Footsteps) [Antilles]
Haynes is an Afro-American cornet player. This disc from last year is very diverse, but every piece has jazz references. It can be easy to get bored with a piece of this length, but not on this occassion. It is underpinned by some very tactful drumming from Brice Wassy, with the sitar and tanpura of Brigitte & Lyra Menon who are left to extrapolate the drone for the last 8 minutes. Brilliant.

Loreena McKENNITT .... Canada
Santiago 5'52
(The Mask & Mirror) [Quinlan Road]