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Program 340

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Mahmoud GHANIA & Pharoah SANDERS .... Morocco / USA
La Allah Dayim Moulenah 5'30
(The Trance of Seven Colours) [Axiom]

Vivir Un Cuento de Hadas 5'02
(Encuentros) [Globe Style]

Carlos LOMAS & Manolo CORREA .... Spain
Bulerias 3'54
(Andalusian Flamenco, Song & Dance) [Lyricord]

KETAMA, Toumani DIABATE, José SOTO .... Spain / Mali
Monte de los suspiros (Mountain of Sighs) 4'08
(Songhai 2) [Hannibal]

Joxan GOIKOETXEA, Juan Mari BELTRAN .... Spain (Basque)
(a) Dela 2'31
(b) Mahil Dantza 3'21
(Egurraren Ortpotik Dator) [NO-CD Rekords]
This title of this intriguing disc means "coming from the heel of the wood".

Muiñeira de Vilanova 2'31
(Castellum bonesti) [Green Linnet]
This is Celtic music from Galicia.

Mike OLDFIELD & Paddy MOLONEY .... England
Ommadawn, latter part of Part 2 8'24
(Ommadawn) [Virgin]
A rediscovery. Paddy's Uillean pipes are what drew me to this relic. I remember Richard Branson in the virgin days of Virgin, spouting that Michael was the brightest hope for future innovative musical development, despite his youthful introversion. How wrong he was. Oldfield needed an association with a determined producer able to weed out the corny compositions of later years, give bruising advice, and above all, to vary that ghastly electric guitar sound that still lingers today. No-one came even vaguely close. However, this album (now 20 years old) stands up very well, and I've always believed it to be his most inspired album.

CLANNAD .... Ireland
Theme from Harry's Game 2'27
(Magical Ring) [RCA]

MOUTH MUSIC with Talitha McKENZIE .... Scotland
Bratach Bana 4'40
(Mouth Music) [Triple Earth]

MOUTH MUSIC with Jackie JOYCE .... Scotland
Forever To Travel 5'27
(Shorelife) [Triple Earth]

VÄRTTINÄ .... Finland
(a) Katariina 2'14
(b) Tumala 3'28
(Aitara) [Green Linnet]

JUSTIN VALI TRIO .... Madagascar
The Blue Skies of Madagascar 5'48
(Ny Marina - The Truth) [Real World]

Cesaria EVORA .... Cape Verde
Nha cancera ka tem medida (My fatigue is endless) 6'03
(Cesaria Evora) [Nonesuch]

Jan GARBAREK, Anouar BRAHEM, Shaukat HUSSAIN .... Norway, Tunisia, India
Sull Lull 16'49
(Madar) [ECM]