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Program 339

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Ayub OGADA, Pól BRENNAN, The HOLMES Brothers .... UK / USA
Tang Uru 4'44
(A Week in the Real World) [Real World]

Mansour SECK .... Senegal
Kaïraba 5'11
(N'Der Fouta Tooro Vol.1) [Stern's Africa]

Baaba MAAL & Mansour SECK .... Senegal
Loodo 6'02
(Djam Leeli) [Rogue]

Michael BROOK .... UK
Shona 6'00
(Shona) [Sine]
Live material from late 1989, inexplicably just released, and nothing that adds to the Aquarium live disc either. I remain puzzled, but still a fan.

Hossein ALIZADEH .... Iran
(a) Raz-O-Niaz 5'28
(b) Shoushtari 2'50
(Raz-O-Niaz) [Kereshmeh]

Bachir ATTAR .... Morocco
Under The Shadow of Liberty 5'50
(The Next Dream) [CMP]

Omar Faruk TEKBILEK .... USA / Turkey
Gawazi 6'04
(Whirling) [Celestial Harmonies]

The catholics .... Australia
Why The Caged Bird Sings 5'30
(The catholics) [Spiral Scratch]
Features bassist Lloyd Swanton and drummer Tony Buck from The Necks, with many other notable jazz artists like Sandy Evans (sax) and James Greening (trombone).

The NECKS .... Australia
Track 1 7'30
(Aquatic) [Fish-of-Milk]
A very seductive groove, something like a "structured" atmospheric improvisation. Medieval music expert Stevie Wishart finds an alternative outlet for her hurdy-gurdy on the only other piece on this innovative disc.

ESTA .... Israel
Sh'kembeh 5'08
A live-to-DAT studio recording of this jazz-rock fusion band. The drummer is the highlight.

Meir BANAI .... Isreal
Out of Words 3'50
(In Between) [NMC]
Good solid guitar-based pop material, and fine songwriting.

Ofra HAZA .... Israel
Eshal 3'55
(Shaday) [Sire]
As silken as her voice is, this album is ridden with tacky pop clichés, and her voice has no charm in English. This is the best offering on this disc, and previously released versions of "Im Nin' Alu" and "Galbi" were better with simpler arrangements and less electronic garbage.

Etti ANKRI .... Israel
Longing 5'47
(I can see in your eyes) [CBS / NMC]
A good voice and many strong songs. A variable standard pop album.

Hapolot Kenym 2'30
(Sahara Blue) [Dolphin]
A little more Hebrew to round off the Israeli material.