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Program 336

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Paolo MODUGNO .... Italy
Visioni di Pietra 7'00
(Le Bala et la mouche) [Robi Droli]
A superb disc with all embracing multi-culturalism, the likes of Steve Sheehan, certainly individual and not over-produced. Very highly recommended.

Hossein ALIZADEH .... Iran / USA
(a) Chãrãrmezrab 3'50
(b) Darãmad 5'45
(Raz-O-Niaz) [Kereshmeh]
Includes some sublime effortless ornamented singing from Alireza EFTEKHARI. Part of a composition for a traditional Persian orchestra.

Hossein ALIZADEH .... Iran / USA
String Orchestra of the National Radio and TV of Iran
NeyNava: Variations on Naghmé 5'25
(NeyNava / Song of Compassion) [Kereshmeh]
NeyNava is a well crafted and accessible Concerto for the ney with a conventional string orchestra, coupled on this disc with a piece for an orchestra of traditional instruments.

Hossein ALIZADEH .... Iran / USA
(a) Neyshãburak I 2'06
(b) Neyshãburak II 6'31
(Alizadeh Live at the Los Angeles Festival) [Kereshmeh]
This concert was recorded at the J. Paul Getty Museum in September 1993.

Paolo MODUGNO .... Italy
(a) Le Marche des femmes au port 7'58
(b) Morte di Sundiata Keita 10'40
(Le Bala et la mouche) [Robi Droli]
See Item 1 above.

AÍ HOA & THÁI HÙNG .... Vietnam
Offering Incense 4'55
(Stilling Time) [Innova]
A fine collection of various traditional material

Busker, brass-smith, bells, beetles & bikes .... Hanoi, Vietnam
Soundscape 4'30
(Stilling Time) [Innova]

Michael BROOK & U. SRINIVAS .... Canada /India
Dream 5'00
(Dream) [Real World]

Turbulent Indigo 3'32
(Turbulent Indigo) [Reprise]

Boubacar TRAORÉ .... Mali
Sougourouny 7'19
(Kar Kar) [Stern's Africa]
A song that reveals a lot more about African culture than the moral of the story which is, only go to a fortune teller if you are prepared to hear the truth.

Kanté MANFILA & Balla KALLA .... Mali
Kankan Blues 4'00
(Kankan Blues) [Popular African Music]
This is a pretty rough album. Be warned.