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#335 - Vinyl re-discovery

Program 335

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Featuring an amazing double-LP compilation of World-Wide music from WOMAD released in 1982 called "Music and Rhythm". Thanks to Systa BB from "OK Africa".

Jon HASSELL, Michael BROOK, Brian ENO & Aïyb DIENG
Ba-Benzélé LIVE 4'45
(Music and Rhythm) [PVC/Jem]
Recorded in concert in Toronto November 14 1981. Quite different to the version on Fourth World Vol.1 - Possible Musics

Najat AATABOU .... Morocco
Shouffi Rhirou 7'42
(The Voice of the Atlas) [Globe Style]

Brahim BENHIM .... Australia
Ya Kalb Eddhab Elmanaa 5'30
("La Kasbah" Down Under) [Independent Cassette]

DRUMS of MAKEBUKO .... Burundi
Burundi 2'22
(Music and Rhythm) [PVC/Jem]

Alhaji Bai KONTE & Malamini JOBARTEH .... Gambia
Sudurum Kumbasora 3'23
(Music and Rhythm) [PVC/Jem]

Lonesi CHEWANA & Joni HETARA .... Malawi
Mkasi Wa Mulomo
(Music and Rhythm) [PVC/Jem]

Kpan Logo 3'25
(Music and Rhythm) [PVC/Jem]

Hassan HAKMOUN & Adam RUDOLPH .... Morocco / USA
Suwayo 10'24
(Gift of the Gnawa) [Flying Fish]

RIMITTI .... Morocco
Serrer à droite et stationner 5'35
(Sidi Mansour) [Silences]

A Muey A Muey 5'10
(Shabeesation) [Barbarity]
Bill Laswell took more than a passing interest in this one...

Majiti Mataliti 4'08
(El Buya) [Barbarity]

JUSTIN VALI TRIO .... Madagascar
Bilo - Malagasy Voodoo 4'35
(Ny Marina - The Truth) [Real World]

Machanic MANYERUKE .... Zimbabwe
Jesu Pamuchinjikwa - Jesus on the Crucifix 3'36
(Machanic Manyeruke & the Puritans) [Cooking Vinyl]
I love his simple music and passion for the subject, yet I'm grateful in this case for my lack of understanding of the lyrics. On a parallel, I have many discussions around listening to music sung in languages other than English. We should remind ourselves that the sound of languages has a musicality of its own, and often, artists renowned for their style in a particular non-English language, lose their magic when they bow to record company pressure to sing in English. Such executives should swallow their Anglo-arrogance and respect the judgement of the artists.

Lisa GERRARD .... Australia
Swans 5'30
(The Mirror Pool) [4AD] The new "solo" album from half of Dead Can Dance, due for release on August 21.

Preston Hayman, Vic Smith, Tony Levin & Johnny Warman
Pengosekan 6'27
(Music and Rhythm) [PVC/Jem]
includes an excerpt of Ramayana Ketjak recorded in Bali in 1982.

Zainal ABIDIN .... Malaysia
Sabar 4'20
(Gamal) [WEA]