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Program 334

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

107 Blue Heart Boats 3'23
(Demo tape) [Unreleased]
Sri Chinmoy is Director of Peace Meditations in the United Nations, playing a huge range of instruments at his concerts that promote world peace.

TRIAL OF THE BOW .... Australia
Ornamentation 7'46
(Ornamentation) [Release]
Guitars, tanpura, sitar, percussion etc., and no sampling.

Shiela CHANDRA .... England
Ever So Lonely 3'15
(Weaving My Ancestors Voices) [Real World]

Zakir HUSSAIN .... USA
Lineage 4'52
(Zakir Hussain & the Rhythm Experience) [Moment]

Anouar BRAHEM .... Tunisia
with Barabos ERKÖSE & Lassad HOSNI
Nayzak 5'29
(Conte de l'incroyable amour) [ECM]
Kudsi Erguner also appears on this disc playing the ney.

BANABILA / SAKA .... The Netherlands
The Call 5'18
(The Dreamfields) [Stemra]
Fine Dutch multiculturalism and contemporary treatments.

SYNAPSE INTERRUPT aka Charles TETAZ .... Australia
Red Garden 5'01
(Document 01) [Dorobo]
Trance/Tribal compilation of Melbourne artists, including me.

MUSLIMGAUZE .... England
Khar Khodefi 3'00
(Intifaxa) [Extreme]

Melbourne University DEPT. of ZOOLOGY
Ranidella Signifera 0'55
(Document 01) [Dorobo]
Frogs. Yes, just frogs. See Item 7.

Hukwe Ubi ZAWOSE .... Tanzania
Sote Tulifurahia 6'36
(The Art of Hukwe Ubi Zawose) [JVC Japan]
Stunning music. Intricate polyrhythms and delicate instruments, including giant kalimbas. A more roomy recording than the following disc...

featuring Hukwe ZAWOSE
Sisi Vijana 4'42
(Mateso) [Triple Earth]
Equally stunning. I had the pleasure of seeing Hukwe and Charles perform at WOMADelaide 95. I believe these are their only two discs available to date.

AKA PYGMIES .... Central Africa
Ritual for the return from the hunt 3'43
(Anthology of music of the AKA Pygmies, 2 CDs) [Ocora]

Sisala Sebrow 8'46
(Opus 1) [Real World]

Jon HASSELL & FARAFINA .... USA / Burkina Faso
Masque 11'20
(Flash of the Spirit) [Institution / Capitol]

FARAFINA .... Burkina Faso
Patron Mousso 5'39
(Bolomakoté) [VeraBra]