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Program 331

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Yoshiaki OCHI .... Japan
Beat The Water 2'26
(Natural Sonic) [Newsic]
As the title suggests, using nothing but sticks to beat the water in a creek. An unusual contribution to further diversify this fine percussion album.

Zainal ABIDIN .... Malaysia
Bongkar 5'27
(Gamal) [WEA]
Very much Western-style pop music, and very well produced.

MO BOMA .... Germany / Iceland / USA
Go Sneak It 4'35
(Jijimuge) [Extreme]

O'RANG .... UK
Little Brother 5'30
(Herd of Instinct) [Echo]
Features Lee Harris and Paul Webb ex Talk Talk. I'll confess that I miss the sparse intensity and atmosphere of the last two releases from Talk Talk.

Dya SINGH .... Australia
Pavan Guru 2'00
(Australian Sikh Rhythm & Soul) [Independent]
Just a snippet, a teaser for the forthcoming concert at Monash University.

Graham HAYNES .... USA
Enlightenment 21'10
(The Griot's Footsteps) [Antilles]
An awesome fusion piece with Brigitte & Lyra Menon on sitar & tanpura respectively.

Gazi Khan MANGHANIYAR .... Rajasthan
Kaman Garo Kanhaji 3'19
("Latcho Drom" SOUNDTRACK) [Le Bande Son]

La CAITA .... Spain
El Pájaro Negro 8'42
("Latcho Drom" SOUNDTRACK) [Le Bande Son]
A film by Tony Gatlif tracing the journey of Gypsy musics across the world, from India to Spain.

José SOTO, KETAMA, Tuomani DIABATE .... Spain / Mali
De la noche a la mañana 4'37
(Songhai 2) [Hannibal]
Definitely among the most successful Spanish / African fusions available on disc.

Explorations of Hi-Life Structures 3'52
(Opus 1) [Real World]

King SUNNY ADÉ & his African Beats .... Nigeria
Sunny Ti De Ariya 3'44
(Juju Music) [Mango]

Ayub OGADA .... Kenya
Obiero 5'36
(En Mana Kuoyo) [Real World]

Mansour SECK .... Senegal
Ndiaye Binta Ndiaye 6'01
(N'Der Fouta Tooro Vol.1) [Stern's Africa]