Afghanistan by Garry Havrillay

An eclectic album using mostly synthesis, a few guitars and absolutely no sampling - released independently in 1991.

"A collection of atmospheric and dynamic pieces of diverse influence."

This album has nothing at all to do with traditional music of the region, and the mood of the title piece is an expression of sadness for the conflict in Afghanistan at the time of writing.

In hindsight, and especially in light of events since 1991, Garry concedes that it was an unfortunate choice of title for the album.

Listen to tracks from this album and other archived works.

1.  Afghanistan   Havrillay, Shirrefs, Ham   dur: 4.16
DX7 synth wash & percussion (Michael Shirrefs), saxophone (Greg Ham), basses & electronics (Garry)
2.  Save Every Drop Of It   Havrillay   dur: 4.37
ESQ1 & DX7 synthesisers, classical guitar
3.  Quadrant   Havrillay   dur: 15.36
DX7 & ESQ1 synthesisers, bass guitar.
A long-form work that comes full circle after 4 distinct sections.  Listen/download:
4.  Short Memories   Havrillay, Shirrefs   dur: 3.46
Also released on the 1993 compilation CD, 'Archon: Ambient Volume One' (Archon Music arc001)
5.  Apollo   Havrillay   dur: 4.52
6.  This Fragile Earth   Havrillay   dur: 6.53
7.  Time Alone   Havrillay   dur: 5.53
8.  Uplink   Havrillay   dur: 4.33
9.  Afghanistan Revisited   Havrillay, Shirrefs   dur: 2.53
10.  The Aggressor   Havrillay   dur: 6.30
11.  Tibet   Havrillay   dur: 4.16

Garry: electronics, classical, 12-string, electric and bass guitars; tape and voice manipulations.

Michael Shirrefs: percussion and keyboards on 'Afghanistan', 'Short Memories' and 'Afghanistan Revisited'

Greg Ham: saxophone on 'Afghanistan'

Peter Maillardet: saxophones on 'Uplink'

Howlin' Wind: pan pipes on 'Short Memories'