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Making a documentary about an extraordinary Indonesian artist

14 Dec 2017 — It seemed right that I use my skills to help edit and complete this major documentary. It's finally done. Watch the Trailer here.

Video upgrade and 16mm rescue

11 Oct 2017 — Further to the recent website upgrade, nearly all the video on this site is now available in best available resolution with 5.1 Surround Sound.

Toxic Beauty

28 Jul 2017 — It's been a pleasure to collaborate with Annemarie Szeleczky again, this time on a new 4 minute video called 'Atrophy'.

WOMADelaide 2016, March 11-14

20 Mar 2016 — Now in retirement, it's not difficult to put my life on hold for four days, which is what this huge festival demands.

Cleaning LPs with PVA wood glue: "Impressions of Alice" is born

20 Nov 2015 — This is as much a story of the creative process behind a new work as it about cleaning LP records.

Marriage Equality. Just do it.

27 Nov 2015 — As Captain Picard says, "Make it so". It's not as if we're boldly going places where no one has gone before.

Let's dumb it up!

31 Jul 2015 — On the subject of advertising, I've been thinking about clichés that may be unique to Australia.

Commit to Community TV

4 Jun 2015 — If this degree of rapid change was imposed on SBS, the ABC or commercial broadcasters, there would be outrage. One could easily get the impression that our Communications Minister is deliberately…

Facebook: The spoiled child of social media

24 Aug 2014 — When I first joined Facebook, I knew what I wanted from the service. I was determined to keep careful control over how much personal information I fed into it.

Review: Active Child at the Melbourne Festival

4 Nov 2013 — L.A.'s Pat Grossi not only brought his band to Melbourne (drummer, keyboard player and guitar), but augmented it with a string quartet and 8-voice choir. Combined with his own soaring voice,…