Camouflage by Garry Havrillay

"A dense meeting of tribal, trance and industrial flavours"

Camouflage is the second album by Garry, released on the internet on February 1 1998. In contrast to the previous release it makes extensive use of sampling technology, and reflects Garry's increasing interest in the hybridization of music from around the globe.

Listen to the entire album.

1.  Portal   dur: 0.40
submerged metal, subsonic violin, sound effects
2.  Voodoo I   dur: 3.51
rhythm loops, bass, electronics, electric guitar, sounds from Kakadu, Mozambiqui chants
soundtrack for the animation video by Annemarie Szeleczky - 'Collage Kinetics' (2004)
3.  Voodoo II   dur: 4.58
subsonic violin and cello, overtone singing, whispering, self-generating oscillations
4.  Aphrodisiac   dur: 4.48
African percussion, electric guitar, organ, kalimbas, bass, guida
5.  The Killing Jar   dur: 3.40
Ethiopian loop, cooperative cicadas, African percussion, frame drum, gaida
Also released on the 1994 compilation CD, 'Document 01 - Trance/Tribal' (Dorobo 001) produced by Darrin Verhagen. A substantial reworking of this piece is the soundtrack for the 2007 animation by Annemarie Szeleczky called '1956'.
6.  Camouflage   dur: 5.57
dungchen trumpets, kitchen percussion, tampura, tabla, exhaust pipe, ney sample, chanting
7.  The Gulf Between Us   dur: 4.08
the 'Yammouni' loop, Tibetan bowls, DX7 rhodes, African percussion, analogue synth, synthesised drums, Tanzanian voice, electric guitar
First released on the limited edition cassette compilation, 'The Yammouni Files' (Dorobo)
8.  The Wreckage   dur: 5.28
submerged metal, aquatic sounds, self-generating overtones, percussion loops, drums (played by Chris Quinlan), bass, synthesized percussion, breathing feedback
9.  Zarb   dur: 8.05
synth wash, drums (Chris Quinlan), DX7 harp, electronic guitar bass & percussion
10.  Entomology   dur: 9.49
Ethiopian loop, African percussion, tom-tom, tabla, electronic guitar, cooperative cicadas

All titles composed by Garry Havrillay

Thanks to Heather Jarvis-Dodd for the African field recordings.