Toxic Beauty

Submitted by Garry on Fri, 28 Jul 2017 - 15:50

It's been a pleasure to collaborate with Annemarie Szeleczky again, this time on a new 4 minute video called 'Atrophy'.

"The animation depicts a variety of plastic waste such plastic bags, netting, synthetic ropes and other materials that we discard and how we slowly drown in it. As most things are wrapped that we take home, we accumulate an unnecessarily immense amount of it."

Annemarie has taken inspiration from István Horkay and Hendrik Kerstens to humanise the impact of waste on our lives. The result is a video that's a logical sequel to her previous videos and films, again using collage and handmade animation, but this time including other recent artworks and live performance as source material. The video has been produced in full HD with 5.1 Surround sound, and can be seen as part of her exhibition "Toxic Beauty" in Melbourne in September 2017. Details here.

(Oct 2017: You can now watch an excerpt of this video.)