Miscellaneous works by Garry Havrillay

1.  Save Every Drop Of It   Havrillay   dur: 4.39
ESQ1 & DX7 synthesisers, classical guitar
Originally released on the CD 'Afghanistan' (1991).  Listen/download: http://havrillay.bandcamp.com/track/save-every-drop-of-it
2.  Temple   Havrillay   dur: 1.52
Sampled koto, bells & bowls, shakuhachi, synthesised voices
This is the music heard in Garry's video Surface TensionListen/download: http://havrillay.bandcamp.com/track/temple
3.  Dark Horse   Havrillay   dur: 4.43
sampled cello, bass, drums, bells & bowls; DX7 Rhodes; SFX
4.  Afghanistan   Havrillay, Shirrefs, Ham   dur: 4.15
DX7 synth wash & percussion (Michael Shirrefs), saxophone (Greg Ham), basses & electronics (Garry)
Originally released on the CD 'Afghanistan' (1991).  Listen/download: http://havrillay.bandcamp.com/track/afghanistan
5.  Sixth Sense   Havrillay   dur: 3.08
Sampled strings, organ, voice, drums
The soundtrack of 'Kinetics 2' (2004), a collage animation video by Annemarie Szeleczky. Listen/download: http://havrillay.bandcamp.com/track/sixth-sense
6.  Quadrant   Havrillay   dur: 15.36
DX7 & ESQ1 synthesisers, bass guitar.
A long-form work that comes full circle after 4 distinct sections. Originally released on the CD 'Afghanistan' (1991). Listen/download: http://havrillay.bandcamp.com/track/quadrant
7.  Four Cycles for an Organic Loungeroom (1994)   Havrillay   dur: 27.36
electronic keyboards, kitchen percussion, wild sounds
An extended version of this piece was part of the installation and exhibition "Northern Dreaming", sculpture and functional art in mixed media by Lawrie Havrillay (Distelfink Gallery, Hawthorn, Melbourne, August 1994). The complete piece was intentionally structured for continuous loop replay in a seamless cycle of four sections, to weave in and out of the general ambience of the gallery. Listen/download: http://havrillay.bandcamp.com/track/four-cycles-for-an-organic-loungero…
8.  Train of Thought   Havrillay   dur: 5.52
EPS16+ sampling workstation & DX7 synthesiser; looped drums, piano, xylophone, bass, guitar etc.