About George Havrillay

George spent every spare minute on artistic work, either as a designer, painter, cartoonist, would-be author or stop-motion animator. He loved history and quirky anecdotes that drew parallels to 20th century living.

George Havrillay at his desk in 1990From his early years in art school in Prague, to the height of his career in television as Art Director at GTV9 and HSV7 in Melbourne Australia in the 1960's, he never stopped pursuing excellence in his craft and showing admiration for some of the greatest known artists.

I created this website in honour of my father, the principal aim being to exhibit some of his creative output. Some of the paintings on display are for sale.

George died of prostate cancer in 2001 at the age of 80. He was a gentle, generous, honourable and fair-minded man.

Garry Havrillay

George Havrillay at GTV9, Richmond (Melbourne) c.1958