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What apocalpyse?

22 Dec 2012 — So its the 21st December 2012.

Supermarket strategies

21 May 2015 — Time to vent on an activity we are all too familiar with. I've recently relocated house, away from my familiar local supermarket haunt, being a small player competing against a massive duopoly.

Automation acrobatics

13 Jun 2012 — There are basic tenets and common sense in business that can go a long way towards keeping customers happy, and this gripe is largely about the questionable value of automated systems, especially…

The Skip button

19 Apr 2012 — The typical Commercial TV Program promo – It's essential to have a voice-over person who is well practiced in unnaturally long vowel sounds – "Heeeee was in lerrrrrrv with herrrrrr

WOMADelaide 2012, March 9-12

23 Mar 2012 — Adelaide's World of Music Arts & Dance festival started 20 years ago. We are told that this year over 4 days 87,000 attended in perfect weather to see many artists we've seen before.

Oh no. The mega-sizzling headphones...

21 May 2015 — I can hear it before he even gets on the bus, and I'm sitting near the back! tsh-tsheesh-ts-ts WAA-ra-WA-ra tsh-tsheesh-ts-ts

Easy gift solution?

21 May 2015 — A popular retailer offers us an easy gift solution by "grabbing" their plastic gift voucher and activating it online. Wow - I'll be in that! What a time saver! No queueing in busy shopping centres!

A peaceful evening of Persian music.

25 Nov 2011 — Salar Aghili is a young singer embracing traditional Persian music.