Music & Video by Garry Havrillay  •  Paintings & Design by George Havrillay  •  Woodcraft by Lawrie Havrillay

About Garry Havrillay — Garry is a freelance technologist and broadcaster with over 30 years experience in radio as a sound engineer and program maker. He is also an occasional musician, video editor & producer and website developer.
Open Circle Party — Album of original dance/trance/dub/space music released in 2010: a collaboration between Chris Basile & Garry Havrillay.
Open Circle Party — Remix 2 — Official Video — It's been a long time coming ... watch the new hybrid animated video for Remix 2.
Open Circle Party: Surrounded (5.1 Mix) — Play the entire immersive mix through your multi-channel audio interface.
Impressions of Alice — A 5.1 Surround sound work created in 2015 by Garry Havrillay after 'playing' the layer of glue peeled from a vinyl LP cleaned with PVA wood glue.
A Captivating Sky (with lingering guitar clouds) — A surround sound work from 2013, intended as part of a future album of deep ambience; a mesmerizing complex loopscape, with zither, acoustic and electric guitar.
About George Havrillay — From his early years in art school in Prague, to the height of his career in Australian television, George spent every spare minute on artistic work.
Australian Television Scrapbook 1957-1968 | Introduction — George Havrillay played a significant role in the formative days of Australian television as a set designer ...
Reproductions of Old Masters — George Havrillay had two primary aims in reproducing these great works ...
Puppets and Animation — In the 1960s and 70s, George Havrillay experimented with stop-motion animation on 16mm film, making marionettes and puppets with hand-sewn clothes, moulded latex hands and carved wooden shoes.
In the style of ... — For a short period, George Havrillay created some unique "previously undiscovered" paintings in the style of Modigliani and Soutine.
Medieval Bathhouse Paintings — A collection of original bawdy paintings by George Havrillay, likely to raise a smile in any tavern. The entire series of 7 is for sale.
About Lawrie Havrillay — Lawrie's activities range from building renovation and construction to sculpture and woodwork.
Praying Mantis — Praying Mantis by Lawrie Havrillay.
Goanna table — Goanna Table by Lawrie Havrillay.